EU Speaks Out On Controversial Envoy’s Departure


cure geneva; font-size: small;”>The diplomatic body’s publicist, dosage Simon Kasyate, said an article that appeared in a daily newspaper was “crammed with factual errors and deliberate distortion of events.”

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Kasyate described as “foreseen” the imminent departure of Ridolfi.

“His new post represents a major promotion: he will become Director in the Development and Cooperation Directorate-General of the European Commission, in charge of Sustainable Growth and Development,” said Kasyate in a press statement issued Tuesday which Chimpreports has seen.

“The selection process has been long and thorough involving several other highly qualified candidates. He was judged to be the most suitable candidate for this very important position. His impressive performance as Ambassador to Uganda was a major factor in the decision of EU Headquarters,” he added.

The envoy was in June summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for making statements that government said tantamount to “undue interference in the internal affairs of Uganda.”

He described Museveni’s State-of-the-nation address as “a pity.”

“It‘s a pity that a head of state’s most comprehensive accountability to citizens for government’s action and inactions over the previous year was not as wide-ranging. I think the people of Uganda were expecting references to this (Gen. David) Sejusa affair, the fight against corruption, which, as I repeat, can display some progress and the closure of the media (houses). These references could have been done positively.”

Sources at Foreign Affairs Ministry said then they assured the diplomat, well known for attacking Museveni at public functions, that they would not tolerate any future remarks “of that type.”

The newspaper on Tuesday insinuated that Ridolfi’s quitting was connected to these clashes.

But Kasyate said “during his (Ridolfi) tenure, Uganda-EU relations have been at an all-time-high and the partnership between the EU and the Government of Uganda has been excellent,” adding, “Ambassador Ridolfi will continue his commitment to the development of Uganda in his new position.”

“He will keep lovely memories of the beautiful country and people of Uganda.”


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