PHOTOS: Teargas, Bullets As Besigye Is Arrested


online geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Besigye had parked just next to Mabirizi Towers only to be surrounded by Police personnel -who blocked his car from moving farther.

The opposition strongman was ordered out of his vehicle but he remained defiant. He kept reading his book.

This development quickly attracted large crowds.

Crowds gathered to witness Besigye’s arrest

Besigye kept on popping his head out of the car’s roof to wave at excited crowd.

The policemen then brought a breakdown car to tow away Besigye’s Prado brand car.

Police’s first attempts were futile as they managed to remove only the metallic guard from the car.

A woman reaches out to greet Besigye

And in the second attempt, the breakdown failed to move Besigye’s car from its position.

Having failed to get rid of the former presidential candidate’s car from the city, the police resorted to engaging the crowd which was now chanting pro-FDC songs. Traffic and business came to a standstill. Tempers flared.

An FDC supporter greeting Besigye at Buganda Road Court on Monday

Realizing that opposition supporters were pouring into the streets at a fast pace, police quickly used teargas and bullets to disperse them.

It was at that time that Besigye, Mugumya Sam (aide), Harold Kaija, Kato (Besigye’s driver), Njojo and a one Hassan were forced to Kampala Central Police (CPS).

Police tighten security in Kampala after Besigye left Court

Earlier on, Besigye and others had appeared before Buganda Road Court to answer to charges of inciting violence that were brought against them by the state.

Besigye and Turinawe were yesterday also expected to appear at the same court over old charges of inciting violence.

Police trying to tow away Besigye’s car


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