Besigye, Ingrid Face Fresh Cases


dosage geneva; font-size: small;”>Judith Nabakooba said the opposition politicians who were arrested from their homes today morning but later released on bond, were involved in “organizing and participating in activities of 4GC which constitutes criminal offences.”

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The duo is facing more charges related to political demonstrations at Buganda Road Court.

The arrest followed a statement by 4GC announcing the resumption of political protests across the country over hikes in taxes on basic commodities such as piped water and kerosene.

Police have since accused 4GC of stirring up violent protests in Kampala which leads to disruption of traffic and business.

But opposition leaders say they are protesting against the entrenched corruption in government.

Below is Nabakooba’s statement in full

Today, Monday, 22 July 2013, former FDC Leader, Dr. Kizza Besigye and Igrid Turinawe were arrested and detained at Nagalama and Kitezi Police Stations respectively, Stations which are under Kampala Metropolitan Police.

The duo will be charged with two offences under the Penal Code Act Section 57 and 58 (c): Managing unlawful society; and Publishing and distributing materials supporting unlawful society.

They have been holding meetings, addressing press conferences, promoting, publishing and distributing materials all in the names of 4GC, which is an outlawed organization.

4GC is unlawful society by virtue of the fact that it replaced A4C, which was declared an unlawful society by a Declaration Order, under s 56 of the Penal Code Act.

S. 56(3) states that where a society is an unlawful society, and another society is formed having the same office bearers as the unlawful society, having a similar name, or substantially the same membership, “such society shall be deemed to be an unlawful society”.

A4C and 4GC fall into the category provided for in s. 56(3) of the Act.

Therefore, organizing and participating in activities of 4GC constitutes criminal offences.

The duo was released on Police bond.

Meanwhile, the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, although he had mobilized the public to accompany him today in a procession to the tribunal, nobody turned up and we escorted him peaceful up to the tribunal.

He attended the tribunal without causing any unnecessary chaos, which he had intended to do in the city center.


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