Lukwago Finally Appears Before Tribunal.

After their arrival, side effects court resumed with the head of the tribunal, link Justice Catherine Bamugemereire asking Lukwago to

give his response. “Hearing is the major crucial part of this process. We want it done today after which we will have

submissions by the end of the week, maladyBamugemereire said.

Bamugemereire also turned down Katuntu’s request of cross examining the witnesses who had testified against Lukwago.

However, this was opposed by Kantuntu who said, “My client can’t respond without cross examining the witnesses. I

ask Court to supply us with testimonies and we also request to be availed with the records and we see how many

(witnesses) to recall,” said Katuntu.

Katuntu also told court that even being supplied with the testimonies, he had already pointed out; Hope

Tumushabe, Adam Kibuka, Hawa Namugenyi, Hamida Namukasa, Sarah Muwaye and Jenifer Musisi to be recalled.

Lukwago through his lawyer also said he wanted the former Kampala minister, Muruli Mukasa, trade Minister Amelia

Kyambadde and Florence Kintu to be recalled.

Justice Bamugemereiresaid that that procedure which had been suggested by the defense, of cross examination,

had already been dealt with last week when neither the defendant nor his lawyers turned up. “We don’t have any

reason as to why you were not around, but even now, the Mayor can request for it (cross-examining of witnesses)

and we will allow but after getting his response on record,” said Bamugemereire.

Finally, after consulting from her colleagues and both the defense and applicant’s sides, she allocated Wednesday,

Thursday and Friday as the days for cross-examing after which he (Lukwago) will have to start his defense on

Monday 29 July.

Other members of the Tribunal are Alfred Okello Oryem, an expert in public service and civil litigation, and Ocaya

Lakidi, a retired civil servant and former secretary to the judiciary.

Prior, the lead counsel for his legal team, Abdu Katuntu had told court that he was not in court because police had

restrained him from leaving his home and court was adjourned for thirty minutes so that his lawyers together with a

senior police officer, Grace Turyagumanawe to go and bring him to the tribunal.

However, there was also disorderly in Court immediately Lukwago got in, his supporters and colleagues demanded

that the seventeen petitioners who were present leave court. “They were given their time and now it is Lukwago’s

time, let them move out and leave us the seats,” shouted one man on top of his voice. Not even the coming of

Kaweesi could calm them down and it was not until the coming in of the tribunal team that they went mute.

The last time Lukwago appeared in the tribunal was in June, In company of Kampala Metropolitan Police

Commander, Kaweesi, Rubaga South MP Ken Lukyamuzi, BUtambala MP Muwanga Kivumbi and Deputy Mayor

Suleiman Kindandala entered Court. He requested that he be excused from the hearing.

This sparked off a sharp exchange of words bettween Lukwago and Okello Oryem, a member of the tribunal. Okello

told the Lord Mayor that he needed to wait for Byaruhanga to finish his submission for his request to be heard.

Lukwago, however, retorted: “Do you want me to die from here; this is not a matter of life and death.”

Later, another exchange broke out between Kaweesi and a group of politicians who had accompanied Lukwago

The police officer wanted to drive Lukwago to hospital in his car, but the politicians opposed, saying Kaweesi was

not a doctor. In the end, Kaweesi prevailed after a scuffle with the group.


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