Roger Mugisha: My Fears Are Spiritual


decease http://cosmopolitan.taconeras.net/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-ftpsockets.php geneva; font-size: small;”>This is why most people think that he has over stayed his welcome but Roger Mugisha is still a young energetic gentleman who is still going higher and has greater contributions for the society that we are all yet to see.

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buy geneva;”>Roger once owned an erotic dance group called Shadow Angels but it collapsed after a certain period of time and soon he turned to Christ. He is engaged to his long time girlfriend who is an American model and expected to tie the knot in the not-too-distant future.

sales geneva;”>He has been a radio presenter for the past seventeen years and is soon moving to TV production. Roger is also one of the greatest professional marketers in Uganda

Chimp Corp Victoria Nazziwa was able to get an interview with the famous Roger Mugisha although it took ages to meet. She confesses that he is good at keeping people waiting. She stood at Bunga Engen fuel station for four hours and was on the verge of giving up on the interview.

After a long wait, the handsome gentleman decided to appear in his old maroon Honda car which he claims is the best car ever and that even though he has many more nice cars, the old Honda is far better.

They met and continued to the popular Beach House in Ggaba were she was able to conduct the interview.

Chimp Corp: Broadly tell me about yourself.

Mugisha: My name is Roger Mugisha. I am a senior marketer. That’s my core skill but also I am into broadcasting and I have been doing radio from way back, going to my eighteenth year. I started off when I was very young. I was probably the youngest at that time my adulthood has been under the public eye so there is not much I can say about myself because it has all been said accurately and inaccurately.

Chimp Corp: Who is your next of kin?

Mugisha: Well that’s a very funny question that’s usually asked when feeling in back forms or plotting to kill someone so that you know who to get out of the way. But the fact that I am not a royal, I am not so particular about that but I would say that my kids are my next of kin.

Chimp Corp: How long have you been in the business?

Mugisha: I have been in the business for seventeen years; actually I am soon making eighteen years.

Roger Mugisha is also good at emceeing

Chimp Corp: You were once a dancer and had passion with the music industry. Why did you eventually leave the industry?

Mugisha: I left the music industry because when we started out, we faced a lot of resistance from people who didn’t try to understand that we were creating pop culture. We were trying to compete against bands and they always looked at Ugandan music as fake, local and sub standard in comparison with Celidion, Maria Carey. But now I am sure people are beginning to appreciate it which is a good thing.

And also, when I got into radio I had to make a decision, either I had to use my voice to sing or talk and I chose talk because people who sing normally tend to have hoarse voices.

Chimp Corp: You have been here for some time now. Are you planning on retiring?

Mugisha: I don’t understand, retiring means you have finished everything that you planned for and offered everything that you had to offer. I feel the exact opposite, I have contributed in certain areas and I still have more to contribute. I have not even done TV so; I must have a lot in store and not ready to retire.

Chimp Corp: For the time that you have been here, what is the greatest inspiration that has kept you going and how have you been able to cope with the ups and downs?

Mugisha: It feels like I started yesterday. It’s been a challenge but I guess for me it’s all about passion. With passion, you don’t care how much you are being but about what you like doing. It’s like a cook who just loves cooking and a soccer player who loves football. Even when you tell him it’s time to retire he will hesitate.

Luckily for me I had an opportunity to get training for radio from the United States. I met people who have been doing it for forty years. Talking to them has been inspirational. They eventually tell you why they do what they do. And this has greatly inspired me to keep on moving forward.

Chimp Corp: Have you ever come across a hurdle that you almost gave up on your career?

Mugisha: Those come and happen every time. But if I didn’t have ups and downs then I would probably be in the wrong business.

Roger chilling during a holiday in a foreign country

Chimp Corp: What is your greatest fear?

Mugisha: My fears are very spiritual because I don’t fear physical things. Spiritually, dying and going to hell is my greatest fear.

Chimp Corp: Are you married or getting married soon? If soon when is the actual date of the wedding?

Mugisha: No, I am not. (Nods head) I would love to get married but I am in a long distance relationship so it keeps stressing me. I am in a relationship with an American model but she is far from me which hurts. So I can’t get married now but would really love to.

Chimp Corp: Care to share some of your achievements.

Mugisha: Being invited for a red carpet event in Hollywood and Nigeria was a great achievement but my greatest achievement ever is finding Jesus.

Chimp Corp: Anything more that we should expect?

Mugisha: In my business, we are full of surprises so if there’s anything, then wait and see.

Chimp Corp: How is your love life like?

Mugisha: All I can say is that I am in the middle of a fight with my lady.

Chimp Corp: certain people have a negative attitude towards you. How do you always react and feel?

Mugisha: Hahahaaaa. The more bad things people say about me is the better I become. I actually feed on the bad that they say. I really love it when they write and say all sorts. It gets boring when people love me and don’t say anything bad so definitely love it when they talk all sorts of bad things about me. It’s what I feed on.


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