Museveni Meets Kanyaryeru War Veterans


sickness geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>He said this has enabled them to recover quickly largely because of embracing development projects that have contributed immensely to the financial empowerment of their families.

“The unique thing about this community is that it is able to help itself. They have some mechanism of mutual support. If a neighbor loses cows, other neighbours will come to his aid and replace the dead cattle. This practice of mutual support is part of the reason these people have been able to recover quickly. They had nothing”, President Museveni remarked.

The President was meeting veterans and wananchi of Kanyaryeeru Sub-County at Kanyaryeeru Senior Secondary School in Kiruhuura district yesterday.

He told the gathering of how residents of Kanyaryeeru ended up in that area saying their support contributed a lot in the protracted armed people’s liberation war as they gave freedom fighters their animals in Luweero and as a result they were advised to move away from the war zone of Luweero Triangle and look for safer areas.

“The whole of Kanyaryeeru Sub-County is part of Luweero Triangle transplanted into Kiruhuura district,” he said.

The President disclosed that the Primary Schools built in Gomba and Kanyaryeeru areas were constructed as pilot projects for the Universal Primary Education (UPE) programme.

He thanked them for supplementing their incomes by rearing goats. He advised them to cultivate two to three acres of fruits with emphasis on oranges, mangoes and pineapples.

The President asked cattle keepers to change the acaricides that they use every three years in order to avoid tick resistance to those animal drugs.

Mr. Museveni announced the appointment of Lt. Col. Scarge Tumusiime to command the Kanyaryeeru zone in the current poverty eradication efforts.

The President directed the Ministry of Education and Sports to help the people of the area in repairing and completing the construction of their schools.

He further directed the Ministry of Works and Transport to build new roads in the hills of the area and pledged to provide the residents of Kanyaryeeru with safe water supplies.


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