Rukungiri: S.4 Students Suffer As Directors Fight

this web geneva; font-size: small;”>A one Dick Muhwezi alias Mareju and Johnson Kapesha have reportedly been threatening each other with death threats over sharing of profits from the school business.

adiposity geneva; font-size: small;”>Bikorwenda told Chimp Reports Saturday they decided to put a key and lock on the school to “save the innocent students who were suffering the consequences as they were not having classes.”

“We have always tried to resolve the conflicts between the two directors since February this year but they have failed to bury the hatchet,” said the RDC.

It is alleged that Muhwezi claimed buying all shares from Kapesha, allegations the latter denies.

The school conflicts put the fate of 48 senior four students in balance after they had registered for their UCE exams at the school.

However, the District Education Officer, Ernest Baribusya told Chimpreports they are to arrange the district council Hall where the candidates will sit their exams with their registration numbers.

“We have also advised other student community to look for other schools where they can continue with their academics,” Baribusya added.


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