City Traders: Vendors Hurting Our Businesses


tadalafil geneva; font-size: small;”>Most business people from different arcades including; Mini price, viagra dosage Qualicel building, Nabukeera plaza, Mukwano, Kikubo, Skylight arcade are crying foul over the street vendors claiming they have taken all their customers.

The traders inside the shops sell the same products as those on the streets; however, the vendors are at an advantageous position because they sell theirs at relatively low prices compared to those in the shops.

Kampala Capital City Authority tried to evict the vendors in August 2012 and many of them were forced to start operating from the new Usafi market but due to the high monthly payment required from KCCA, they have decided to return on the streets.

Lilian Namata, a trader in Kikubo dealing in scholastic materials told Chimpreports on Saturday morning: “When students are going back to school it is always my season to earn the best but ever since the vendors came back on the streets, I have been earning less profits out of it.”

“These vendors sell the same materials as I do, books, pens, pencils, geometry sets and others at relatively low prices compared to what I charge, so all my customers have been stolen,” she complained.

“These days, customers don’t even bother entering our shops since the vendors sell at low prices. At the end of the day, we don’t have money to pay rent,” said Teddy Kamya, also a trader in Kikubo.

Timothy Lubwama, a trader in Mini price in the city centre has requested the Executive Director of KCCA, Jennifer Musisi to enforce more personnel to evict all the vendors on the streets so that shops can start earning money.

However, Wickliff Kiwalabye, one of the KCCA re-enforcement officers says, “We try our level best to remove these vendors every day. We confiscate their property and take to City Hall but they manage to come back somehow.”

“Therefore I request the traders to be patient with their complaints because this will be worked upon soon,” he added.


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