Besigye: Elite’s Complacency Delaying Revolution


viagra dosage http://certifiedinspectorsgroup.com/wp-includes/feed-atom-comments.php geneva; font-size: small;”>And he hastened to promise them one sure thing once his party gets into power come 2016: “They will be disappointed!”

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sick http://cphpost.dk/wp-includes/class-wp-feed-cache-transient.php geneva; font-size: small;”>He said that unlike ordinary illiterate Ugandans who spare no efforts and aren’t afraid of putting their lives on the line to confront government’s misdeeds, the elite are concerned only about their own survival and how best to generate more riches.

“Otherwise how would a parliament of close to 400 people watch as their own Constitution gets raped by the President when they have all the powers to stop him?”

Besigye was Friday evening speaking in reference to Parliament’s controversial approval of former Chief of Defense Forces Gen Aronda Nyakairima to the post of Internal Affairs Minister.

“This class of people is a now a true challenge to us. They are extremely selfish, each one only thinks of how to get a share on the spoils and live happily by themselves,” Besigye observed.

He said that the FDC would rather pick from the semiliterate Ugandans who are committed to the struggle and acquaint them with leadership skills.

“Poor ordinary Ugandans have put their lines with us on the line. It is now our duty, for some of us who can, to give them the tools in terms of information, organization capacity to lead their colleagues to liberate this country.

“Those political elite opportunists only wait until the thing is about to ripen and they jump on board to claim shares on the harvest,” he said.

“But if they hope to do the same with us this time; they will be disappointed.”

Even out of the leading opposition party’s top leadership seat, Col. Besigye’s presidential ambitions are far from diminished.

According to the FDC’s constitution all members are allowed to contest for the party’s candidacy in the national presidential elections and come 2015, Besigye is expected to tussle it out with Gen Mugisha Muntu in primaries.

The opportunists, he said are not only in parliament and government institutions but everywhere including churches, media and even civil society.

“They start off very vibrant and vocal and all of a sudden the president throws a Prado at them and you will never hear from them again.”

Dr. Besigye added on a light note that the situation now gets out of hand when it is top class elite involved in government.

“We have the worst political stooges in professors and doctors in government,” he said.

“To be called a professor in this county today is like a curse. All they do is nod in affirmative to dictators’ commands all the way.”


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