Mbabazi Breaks Silence On Aronda Appointment

cure geneva; font-size: small;”>The approval, sildenafil according to opposition members – who immediately stormed of the House upon announcement – is a reflection of not only government’s disregard of the national constitution and rule of law, but also depicts president Museveni’s mighty hand of influence on the legislative arm of government.

While launching a monthly Discourse of National Parliamentary Press Association at Imperial Royale Hotel on Friday, journalists tasked the Premier to explain why president Museveni continued to exert influence on Parliament’s decisions.

Mbabazi in response said that presidential influence should not be a cause of national uproar, adding that it has sufficient legal and moral backing after all.

“The idea of a president without influence is completely out,” he said. “We all know that by law, if there are critical decisions that affect matters of the state, the Head of State has a responsibility to try and influence them; to do as he sees best, or else everything could get out of control.”

The Premier was evidently cautious not to mention any names or divulge further into details: “Influence is a noble mission. In fact it is what the whole idea of democracy is all about.”

Asked why the president would have to go that far to fetch people from the army for such ministerial posts when there are lots of competent people in Parliament, his response was not precise either.

“I greatly appreciate that we have many people who have demonstrated capability in our Parliament. That’s why some of them have been appointed on various commissions and committees,” he said. “But obviously, other people are also capable”

He added that appointments to such posts are not all about competence per se.

“What Ugandans should know is that we are still in a state of nation building. Many of the appointments are obviously based on capabilities but also they take into account of the idea of representation.

“It is true we may not have every district, or every clan represented, but we must ensure that all corners of Uganda are assured of representation on governments top decision-making bodies.

Nonetheless, in a parallel media address on Friday, former Forum for Democratic Change leader Dr. Kiiza Besigye said that Gen Aronda’s appointment is only a tool to influence the national ID project, thereby securing determination of who will vote come 2016 general elections.

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