Museveni Declares War On Alcoholism


viagra geneva; font-size: small;”>He said that he will use faith-based institutions like churches and mosques as well as cultural institutions, try among other social institutions, here to tackle the risky social behaviors to campaign against the dangers of alcoholism.

“In Uganda, we have been struggling with the basics like roads, electricity, railway system, education and we can now invade risky social behavior which can be tackled through churches, mosques, cultural institutions as bases to campaign against alcoholism”, he said.

He said that the government will use sensitization method to talk to the public about the dangers of alcoholism. He noted that alcoholism increases risky behaviour and causes disease infections.

The President was on Thursday evening meeting Mr. Thomas R. Frieden, Director of the American-based Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

During the meeting that took place at State House, Entebbe, the President and his visitor discussed issues pertaining to the high prevalence rate of the HIV/AIDS scourge in Uganda.

Mr. Friedden and his CDC team, have been on a one-week visit to Uganda to follow up on the partnership between CDC and the Uganda Ministry of Health, led by Health Minister, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, into researching into public program on HIV/AIDS, disease outbreak control and saving the life of mothers during pregnancy in some health institutions of Uganda.

Mr. Thomas Frieden informed the President that the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate and the new infections in Uganda, is increasing when compared to other African countries like Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, among others, where the incidence is reducing.

Mr. Frieden who was accompanied by the US Ambassador to Uganda, Mr. Scott Delisi said Uganda could employ the Combination Prevention Strategy to fight against the high rate of new infections of HIV/AIDS which they observed was the only way of preventing and reducing HIV/AIDS infections.

In the new Combination Prevention Strategy, circumcision and treatment is included on to the existing ABC method to fight against the scourge.

President noted that promiscuity and ignorance as well as underdeveloped structure, cause increased HIV/AIDS infections. He said that the African society has been stagnant for 500 years. He re-emphasised the need for Ugandans to avoid risky behavior and stick to the message of abstinence and faithfulness in order to stem the new HIV infections.

Mr. Museveni said the crucial stimuli such as education for all, infrastructure development, industries, are achieved to absorb the educated so that people are enabled to move away from peasantry to skilled middle class.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda cited relaxation in the HIV/AIDS programs in Uganda as one of the factors contributing to the breaking out of the new HIV infections in Uganda.

He agreed with the new method of using the Combination Prevention Strategy to stem the scourge and called for a more aggressive campaign against HIV/AIDS. He stressed the importance of capacity building in the health sector in Uganda to achieve better results.


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