Besigye Pins Aronda Appointment To ID Project


viagra geneva; font-size: small;”>Although some approve the appointment, approved others find it unfortunate; a clear reflection of government’s diminishing respect for its institutions including the National Constitution, about it and the rule of law.

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The former FDC president Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye insists that the whole scuffle is part of the ruling NRM’s scheme to influence the forthcoming 2016 general elections.

He connected Aronda’s appointment to the ongoing process of issuance of national IDs – an exercise being done by the military.

“Indirectly the National Army has been working on this, but since the project is officially under the Ministry Of Internal Affairs, President Museveni wants Aronda to pose as a civil leader in the ministry while furthering the military mission,” alleged Besigye.

Besigye described the entire development as very ominous and dangerous, adding that the new leaderships work is to determine who votes come 2016.

In his remarks to the press at the 4GC offices in Kampala on Friday, Besigye said; “What Ugandans must know is that after registration, if you are not registered and don’t carry a national ID, you won’t be allowed to vote, and that is already in the law.”

Asked whether Ugandans should then abscond the ‘flawed’ registration process, Besigye replied: “We want a registration, but the law (Citizens and Immigration Act) doesn’t give power to the army to register people. They are doing it illegally.”

“The law has not been changed and the NRM knows that what they are doing is illegal and that’s why they are bringing Aronda to the ministry to try giving it a cover. “

Besigye recommended that the registration process be carried out by the rightful authorities, that is; the Immigration officers as clearly spelt out in the law.

Earlier on, Hon Ken Lukyamuzi and Ibrahim Nganda on the other hand, interpreted Gen Aronda appointment as a plot to bring more UPDF officials into cabinet.


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