Keko: The Rise Of Uganda’s Hip Hop Star

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Keko, the Ugandan based rapper has gone miles in less than four years of her involvement in the competitive music world and is still aiming for greater achievements.

She started off with a single Araho, a hit that has never been forgotten ever since and soon began to have collabos with different artists. After being nominated and winning at the Channel O Awards, Keko got a major recording deal and as of now, she is the only artist from Uganda that is signed to a major recording company.

She is just an ordinary girl who loves music and was gifted with great talent which talent defines her

She is just an ordinary girl who loves music and was gifted with great talent which talent defines her. Keko is developing each and every day and doesn’t care about the obstacles she faces or what people say about her, especially the media.

A Chimp Corp was able to meet up with the famous singer Keko but went through a lot to meet her and have a one on one. She almost gave up on meeting with her but after a hustle the two meet.

She was with a couple of friends in at a joint in Najjera, Wakiso District. She was with one of her close friend Sheebah and Timothy.

Dressed in colored leggings and a black shirt paired up with one of her usual classy moccasins, Keko looked stylish. As usual, she wore classy ray bands and clear makeup which suited the day and was really friendly to the Chimp Corp.

Keko (L) in an interview session with our Chimp corp, Victoria Nazziwa

Chimp Corp: Who is Keko and what is she made of?

Keko: My real name is Keko Joselyne Tracey. Keko is my real name actually. It’s my surname given to me by my grandmother, it means early morning and that was the time I was born. My mother and father passed on. That was Dorothy Achola and Alexandra.

I went to Rock view primary school, St Noah girls for my O’ Level ediucation, Mary Hill School in Mbarara for my A ‘level. I then joined Makerere University for a Bachelor’s Degree in Commence and after that, rap music.

Besides, I am just the ordinary girl next door apart from the fact that I am gifted, I love music, movies and love having a good time.

Chimp Corp: Briefly tell me about your next of kin

Keko: My two sisters are definitely my next of kin. No one else.

Chimp Corp: When did you join the music industry?

Keko: Joining professionally was in 2010.

Chimp Corp: Where do you drive your inspiration from?

Keko: For joining the industry, I have always loved music from way back, as far as nursery school. The rap just came along the way. But what really inspired me was the feedback I got from my demo tracks. That drove me to take music seriously.

And my music is inspired by everything. Life generally, so I draw my inspiration from what I feel and my daily experience.

Chimp Corp: What inspires your sense of style?

Keko: My sense of style is driven by comfort and sophistication. I don’t like to look at what everyone is wearing and base on that to pick my clothes because that will not make me independent. What I like to do is buy clothes that I love and make me look good.

Keko is one of the best female HIP HOP stars in East Africa and Africa

Chimp Corp: There have been rumors in press about you being too close to certain socialites like SheEbah, Cotilda among others. What do you have to say about the rumors especially in the press?

Keko: Ooohhh men I don’t know, you see the funny thing is if I be friends with you, they will say the same. That is all doll crap. It’s like Keko is not supposed to have female friends, that’s the problem I am having now.

I am not going to talk about my personal life because it’s not for the media. Every time I am out with a girlfriend of mine that’s the story.

I don’t know if I look like that kind of person because if it’s the thing then you guys should rephrase the question because it’s ridiculous. Those are all my tight friends from way back before I joined the industry so people need to calm down.

Chimp Corp: You have a great new song called Naughty, what inspired your lyrics?

Keko: Naughty is pretty much my alpha ego, everybody has a naughty side of them so I decided to put mine in a song. That’s really the inspiration. My Angolan producer sent me the beat so when I listened to it that’s the vibe that came off it.

Chimp Corp: How did you feel when you won the Channel O Award?

Keko: Channel O was amazing I mean it was the first time a female had that kind of respect and recognition. It was about representing Uganda of which representing them is kind of a burden because they don’t even know what happens sometimes and yet they have Face book and internet. But anyway I was good and very humbly. I was actually nominated twice and won one together with Radio and Weasel for most gifted East African video.

Chimp Corp: Do you have a boyfriend?

Keko: Yeah, a couple of them actually. I change them like clothes; it’s a very good thing.

Chimp Corp: There are other Hip Hop artists struggling to break through yet you succeeded quickly, what magic did you use to win the hearts of the Ugandan music lovers?

Keko: Ooh my God, I am actually blessed. I didn’t do anything as far as I remember. The media has done all the negatives for me but I think they just like the music. When I recorded my first song everybody that came into the studio liked it including the musicians, business associates and the producers. So when it was released people just fell in love.

Chimp Corp: what makes you different from the rest?

Keko: What makes me different from anybody else is that I am not afraid to be independent. By this I mean in dressing, the way I do my things, my outlook among other things. I just think that being born Keko is enough difference. And I don’t like to be any body I just want to be me.

Chimp Corp: Who taught you rap?

Keko: My God I wish I learnt it from somewhere. To be honest I didn’t learn it from anywhere. All I knew is that I loved words and I knew a lot of vocabulary in English so I learnt how to put the words together because I love Hip Hop music so I listened to it and rhymed with it.

Chimp Corp: Do you think of what you sing or it just comes out naturally?

Keko: I actually don’t think much. When I am in the moment the song could just go on forever, I can write fifteen verses on a single beat if I like it that much. I don’t think a lot about them, they just come out naturally.

There is more to Keko than what people see. “I will be a movie director and I am going to be an artist. I am so many things. You guys just see Keko rapping but there is more to that. There is still so much in stock.”

Chimp Corp: Who is your role model in the music world?

Keko: That would be Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston because they really pushed the envelope. As side from that I like Lauryn Hill, she sings and raps so we definitely rhyme together.

Chimp Corp: What artists would you love to work with (both local and international)?

Keko: Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston but unfortunately they passed on. Lauryn Hill is in jail, ahhhhmm…May be Drake, Alicia Keys and maybe locally, it would be Juliana.

Chimp Corp: why is it that foreign musicians are rich and Ugandan majority are whipping in poverty?

Keko: First of all, it’s cheap. I think that people who choose the music select everything so even the best staff becomes cheap and that’s a problem. But if they would select few like how they market music abroad then that will be better.

So I think it’s the industry, politics and overcrowding.

Chimp Corp: There is a rumor that you are broke. Is this true?

Keko: Broke? Broke how? I just signed a multi million deal with Super Sport, unless they just hate me.

Chimp Corp: Would you encourage youths with a talent like yours to join the industry?

Keko: Yes, I would encourage them to join if they are willing to work. But then again I wouldn’t encourage them because as you can hear, people think they know everything and yet they don’t know. They are the broke ones. Unless they are strong enough to take on this kind of rubbish, they shouldn’t.

Chimp Corp: what is your greatest fear ever?

Keko: My greatest fear is not being able to have a voice. Most women don’t have a voice, no freedom to speak. Not being able to be independent is also my fear, when I can’t speak my own opinion is very fearful.

Chimp Corp: Do you have any achievements so far?

Keko: I was nominated twice for the Channel O awards, Kilimanjaro nominations, and Pam Awards. The list goes on and on. I think I have achieved everything that is there to achieve.

Chimp Corp: Was there a time in your life when you felt like you wanted to chill out on your career?

Keko: No, never. Because Uganda is a very small market so if it doesn’t work out here, I could just cross over to Nairobi. The market is too big to quite.

Chimp Corp: Can you do without rapping?

Keko: Oooh yeah, I will be a movie director and I am going to be an artist. I am so many things. You guys just see Keko rapping but there is more to that. There is still so much in stock.

Chimp Corp: Do you enjoy your celebrity star status?

Keko: Yes I do, every time I step out there fans everywhere and that’s what I enjoy. I don’t enjoy the media side at all. They write what they want and think what they want. They think that everybody is broke like them.

Chimp Corp: A small hit about your love life

Keko: A hit? My love life is very good, I am enjoying actually. My love life is on point.


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