Two Testify In Kasibante’s Case


viagra 40mg drug geneva; font-size: small;”>Kasibante’s troubles date way back in 2011 on the day when Singh Katongole was supposed to be sworn in as Member of Parliament for Rubaga North.

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State alleges that Kasibante, John Lukaaga together with others still at large, without lawful excuse, incited other persons to an act of violence for political reasons.

Appearing before Buganda Road Court Magistrate, Kintu Simon Zirintuusa, Katende Kyazze, a resident of Mengo was the first person to give testimony on what transpired on that fateful day.

Kyazze who claimed to have been an agent of Kasibante during the 2011 elections, told court that on that day, the former was supposed to meet a group of both journalists and his agents at a place owned by a one Baguma on Balintuma road.

However, this was foiled when Police came and denied him access to the venue saying he was not supposed to hold a conference despite the minute number of the people who were at the venue – four agents and six journalists.

Kyazze claimed that after seeing growing tension among the two parties, he advised Kasibante to give up on the issue because he wouldn’t overpower the six policemen who were against the idea of holding the meeting.

“He took up my advice and left on a boda boda heading towards Nankulabye as others dispersed to their destinations after learning about the cancellation of the conference,” said Kyazze.

Kyazze said after ten minutes of his departure, he received a phone call informing him about the arrest of Kasibante.

“As a concerned agent, I got a boda boda and rushed to the scene. However on reaching there, I only found policemen jostling with people who had gathered. I checked on police stations around the area, he was nowhere to be seen. Since I was out of fare, I gave up on the matter.”

Emmanuel Ssenoga, a boda boda rider in Nankulabye was the second to give testimony. He narrated that as he was coming from Mengo, he saw Kasibante jostling with police officers and this compelled him to park aside to see what was transpiring.

“Later on, I saw him (Kasibante) sit on a boda boda and they rode towards Nankulabye as Police’s patrol Pick up followed just like I who was a few meters behind them,” said Ssenoga.

According to Ssenoga, when they reached Nankulabye, the people got excited and blocked Kasibante’s way.

“They wanted him to say a word to them but he instead advised them to remain calm. However they became angry with the manner in which he was handled – he was sat down on the ground and then later they dragged him in a bad way to the pickup”

Asuman Basalirwa and Peter Ssebyuma, who represented the defense asked court to adjourn so that they would prepare other witness.

The case was adjourned to August 2 for cross examinations of more witnesses.

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