Opposition Tips Museveni On Poverty Eradication In Luweero


illness geneva; font-size: small;”>“Giving out money to the farmers is not a worthwhile project but a wastage of resources, ’’ said Abed Bwanika, president PDP.

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Addressing the press in Kampala on Thursday, Bwanika instead advised Museveni to come up with a comprehensive program that would help Ugandans fight poverty.

“What the farmers need are the improved seeds, water for irrigation , fertilizers and agro industries but not handouts like what the president is doing,” alleged the PDP president.

This follows President Museveni tour in the Greater Luweero Triangle areas to interact with the 1986 bush war veterans in a bid to help them and the local masses tackle development issues with a view to transforming Luwero region into a model zone of production to fight against household poverty.

He pledged full support to the people of Luweero triangle to help them out of poverty.

Elders will see government construct houses for them while tractors and other equipment will be introduced to facilitate mechanized agricultural activities.

Bwanika further urged the president and government to stop wasting money claiming that Shs 2 trillion was wasted in the NAADS program.


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