Outrage Over Aronda Appointment


sales sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; line-height: 115%;”>Ugandans on Thursday evening took to social sites Facebook and Twitter to express their feelings over the controversial appointment, see saying it contravened key provisions in the Constitution.

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It took Parliament’s Appointment Committee at least two weeks to discuss and consult on whether Aronda’s appointment as Minister before his retirement from the army was legal.

From comments on the social media, it appears majority wanted were opposed to the idea of Aronda serving as Minister without being discharged from the army.

Some described the move as aimed at militarizing Uganda’s civil service. Others said the appointment would open the way for more military officers to take over Cabinet appointments.

But when the matter was put to vote, NRM carried the day courtesy of the high number of lawmakers on the committee.

Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago posted on his Facebook wall: “Would anyone help unravel this puzzle: was president Museveni’s resolve to abrogate the constitution simply driven by the preposterous desire for Gen. Aronda to have two jobs in the Army and Cabinet?

Justus Amanya: It is official, Uganda is a military state; Gen Aronda Nyakirima is Minister of Internal Affairs. Much as it’s for real that Aronda is useless as far UPDF is concerned but he has been used to test the waters and now watch the space…very bad precedence. In the near future most civil dockets will be held under military personnel.

Allan Kalangi: Against the written laws of Uganda, parliament has allowed a serving army general to take up a political ministerial post. Considering the huge sums spent on organising parliamentary elections and then the cost of maintaining the MPs who can’t defend our constitution, I am suggesting that parliament be suspended and replaced by a national committee of NRM Cadres.

The cadres would be handpicked by the president from the districts and therefore we would save billions that usually go to elections which can be used to construct roads, schools, to buy more teargas, etc.

Moses Akena: Whatever the big man wants, it will work his way. If he was to order that I be made US president, there is a high possibility I would.

David Bikaako: So they have approved ?‎Aronda? Well, in a way it is a good thing. It is about time people understood the regime for what it is – a one man show. ?

Christine Lubwa Oryema Lalobo: Arm twisting at its best! Museveni has never heard the saying that a fly that has no advisor follows the corpse to the grave….these are all evidences that will be used against him!

James W’Oguttu: Was it Joel Barkana (the gentleman who was on Shaka Sali’s programme), he described Museveni’s regime as a strong man one man rule. That is what it is. David I agree with you that it is good in a way it happened; it brings out the true colour of the regime.

What interests me most in this whole thing is why Aronda would not like to retire like the likes of JJ Odongo? What is it that he needs to do down the road that will require him not have retired from the army? I think therein lays the gate to unmasking what Museveni is up to with all this.

Magelah Peter Gwayaka: By allowing Aronda a serving army officer to become a minister parliament has allowed a sitting president to appoint a military cabinet if he chooses. He can also appoint military officers to head state parastatals. I guess it will also be possible for a serving military officer to stand for an elective post as an independent since he/she can easily be considered non partisan in the wise consideration of our parliament.

Christian Leonardo Richard: following Gaddafi’s routes

Charles Lwanga Mujuzi: To set a precedent

Tibuhwa Deus Mandela: Uganda is watching

Geoff Walu: He feared another Sejusa who would fail the Muhoozi project.

Bugi Williams: Start abrogating the constitution long ago so this is not new at all

Kabs Jeff: Failed state

Kabuye Boston: The Book Museveni is evil coming soon!”

Mashani Solomon Wasukira: Betrayed by our fellow Ugandans the NRM MPs, but we are reaping what we sown. It is us who voted them.

Kobel Timothy Crispus: Wait the first son is next! Shame upon this thing called Parliament they should be charged for treason.

Kayiwa Eddie: They are the ones to make laws in constitution and they want to finish up with breaking them so that’s confusing VOTERS. Don’t you see?

Kalera Alex Soosious: This is Uganda where everything is possible

John Luswata: Aronda did not preempt his removal from his previous job. He had no desire to become a minister and as such had no reason and desire to resign from the army. The entire saga was a creation of convenience by his boss.

Ssozi Sibyangu: Abrogating the Construction or not, is not new here and does not make News in this tyrannical government under the Stewardship of YK Museveni we have been following these events closely from the start we knew he would push Aronda thru to the end so as to befit his Agenda

Payira Bonnie: If this parliament is for the Nation I would love to see them boycott five sittings in protest. But they are also a bunch of money makers just…Useless.


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