Kadaga Challenges MPs On Environmental Conservation


and geneva;”>pill sans-serif; background-position: initial initial; background-repeat: initial initial;”>“It is our responsibility as leaders to ensure that we help the country and people to preserve the environment, ” she said, while officiating at the Parliamentary Climate Change Expo in Kampala on Friday.

Kadaga who owns 20 acres of land with trees in Nakaseke and others in Busoga, urged the members of Parliament to desist from merely talking about climate change, and enforce action to conserve the environment.

“It is very imperative that while talking about climate change you do not live by example but rather show the example yourselves,” she said.

She emphasized the issue of salvaging the environment ought to be considerably reflected in the in the budgetary process, adding that during the forthcoming parliamentary State of the Nation Address Debate, the matter should be brought out strong.

President Museveni recently decried on Ugandans’ encroachment and destruction of up to 40 billion cubic meters of forest cover in search for fuel wood while addressing the Parliament.

He suggested that Sub-Saharan African countries should invest greatly in establishment of electricity sources in a bid to substitute the lethal destruction of biomass in search for firewood.

At the expo, Speaker Kadaga also called upon legislators to lend out support in distribution of energy conserving stoves to their constituents.

The stoves are currently being produced under various projects with help from the German government, which has seen destitution to over 860,000 households and 250 schools and institutions.

“I would be happy to see a real change in people’s lives if you helped them access these stoves. They are cheap, going for as low as sh15000 – 20000,” she said.

Kadaga noted that it would help in providing a safe, smoke-free environment in especially remote homes, but also save the lives of millions of mothers and children in the country [who spend a lot of time in smoky kitchens], from contracting asthma and other respiratory disorders.


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