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3 Drivers Left To Complete Pearl Rally Puzzle


recipe sans-serif; font-size: 9pt; line-height: 115%;”>This makes it to count on who are the last three drivers to register and fill the puzzle of this year’s event that will be held from August 16th – 18th.

Clark of the course David Bitalo had earlier announced that only 40 entries were to be allowed in this event.

However, order due to what he called ‘public demand’ entries were increased and this time 50 drivers will be allowed.

Among the local top drivers still missing on the list is Omar Mayanja (usually drive Toyota Reunix) but he yet to confirm why is not on the list though there is a need to wait for the final list.

The 450km event has seen drivers registering more of Subaru than any other machines followed by Mitsubishi; Subaru Imprezas – 29, sick Mitsubishi Evos – 10,Toyotas All – 6, Others – 3.

Points collected from this rally contribute to the African rally championship and Uganda national rally championship.

Entry List

EAU Jas Mangati/Gihan De Silver Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 10 Car No.1

EAU Christakis Fitidis/Eric Nzamitwe Subaru Impreza Car No.4

EAU Satvinder Saini/Joseph Kamya Subaru Impreza Car No.24

EAU Dr. Ashraf Ahmed/Peter Stone Subaru Impreza Car No.21

EAU John Consta/Musa Nsubuga Subaru Impreza Car No.8

RW Giancarlo Davite/Sylvia Vindevogel Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 10 Car No.101

EAK Carl Tundo/Tim Jessop Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 Car No.107

EAK Frank Tundo/Natasha Di Cangio Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 Car No.108

EAK Ian Duncan/Amaar Slatch Ford Capri Car No.106

EAK Peter Horse/Bella Erskine Datsun Pickup Car No.109

Z/ZW Mohammed ESSA/Greg Stead Subaru Impreza Car No.102

EAU Leila Blick/Mildred Kibuuka Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 5 Car No.51

Z Jassy Singh/Dave Sihok Subaru Impreza Car No.104

EAU Ronald Ssebuguzi/Cedric Buzabo Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 Car No.2

EAU Ismail Ortega/Jude Lubega Toyota Corolla RUNX Car No.31

FR Eric Pages/Chantal Pages Subaru Impreza Car No.103

EAU Wycliff Bukenya/Frank Sserugo Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 Car No.11

EAU Abdu Ssempebwa/Frank Wamala Subaru Impreza Car No.19

EAU Geoffrey Kiyaga/Tadeo Mpanga Subaru Impreza Car No.52

EAK Helen Shiri/Tuta Mionki Subaru Impreza Car No.110

EAU Patrick Kiwewa/Samuel Mugisha Toyota RunX Car No.82

EAU Arthur Blick/Unisan Bakunda Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 Car No.22

EAU Farouk Kirunda/Ritah Nakigozi Subaru Impreza Car No.83

EAU Patrick Ssebambulidde/Rahma Mohamed Subaru Impreza Car No.17

EAK Dennis Mwenda/Edward Njoroge Toyota Sprinter GT Car No.111

EAK John Nganga/George Njoroge Subaru Impreza Car No.112

EAK Ben Muchemi/Evans Mweda Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 Car No.113

EAU WOI Ismail Lule/A N other vw Golf Car No.23

EAU Abdul Kateete/Jefferson Katende Subaru Impreza Car No.36

EAU Samuel Watendwa/Issa Ssekyondwa Toyota Celica Car No.47

EAU Fred Wampamba/Enoch Olinga Subaru Impreza Car No.15

RW Elefterios Mitros/Paolo Paganin Subaru Impreza Car No.114

EAU Shafique Semujju/Hussein Mukuye Subaru Impreza Car No.10

EAU Farouk Ssentongo/Pius Luggya Subaru Impreza Car No.30

EAU Mark Leo Kitaka/Peter Banira Subaru Impreza Car No.87

EAU Jonas Kansiima/Joseph Bongole Subaru Impreza Car No.14

EAK Minesh Rathod/Norris Ongalo Subaru Impreza Car No.115

EAK Samuel Nyorri/Dennis Mwenda Toyota Vitz Car No.116

EAU Susan Muwonge/Edmond Kyeyune Subaru Impreza Car No.3

EAU Ponsiano Lwakataka/George Ssemakula Subaru Impreza Car No.32

EAU Edson Mungyereza/Ernest Musime Subaru Impreza Car No.7


EAU Jaffer Kamya/A N Other Subaru Impreza Car No.86

EAU Patrick Mugisha/A N Other Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 Car No.81

EAU Peter Kalule/A N Other Subaru Impreza Car No.28

EAU Philip King Asiimwe/Aron Nsamba Subaru Impreza Car No.75

EAU Gilberto Balondemu/A N Other Toyota Levin Car No.38

EAU Abas Bukenya/Ali Katumba Subaru Impreza Car No.54

EAU Musa Muliika/Uarban Mulindwa Subaru Impreza Car No.34

Representation by nation;

Uganda (host nation) 66 participants

Kenya 20 Participants

Zambia 3 Participants

France 2 Participants

Zimbabwe 1 Participant


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