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Sejusa Blames Museveni For Black Mamba Operation

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“No one can raid a High Court without the express authority and instruction of the highest office of the country,” said Sejusa while appearing on the weekly talk show, Straight Talk Africa, hosted by US-based Ugandan journalist, Shaka Ssali.

Army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda was not readily available for comment on Thursday morning.

In his reply to a question from a one David from Washington DC who sought to known Sejusa’s role in the raid, the fugitive general answered:

“The chief Justice is the third highest person in a hierarchy of the country. He is only after the President and Parliament. It is common sense that there was no way you could invade the High Court without an order from the highest office,” said Sejusa.

“Just like the Parliament, there is no way you can invade it without an order from above. You cannot raid State House for example,” he added.

When put to task to expound on his response by Shaka, Sejusa attributed this to features of a dictatorial regime.

“As a dictator, the army can raid the High Court, you can abuse (the rights of) oppositional leaders, you can steal people’s property among others,” Sejusa added in the latest attack on the government he served for over two decades.

It is on record that in 2007, armed officers under the command of Sejusa stormed into the court area to arrest six treason suspects who included Besigye, forced their way into the High Court’s criminal registry and bundled the suspects into waiting vehicles.

The incident later led to week strike in 2007 where by the judges and lawyers laid down their tools for a week in protest of what they saw as an attack on the independence of Uganda’s Judiciary.

Sejusa, a bush war veteran and a four star general woes begun in May this year after dossier he purportedly wrote to his seniors about a plot to assassinate any one, him inclusive, who opposed the ‘Muhoozi Project’ – in which he alleged that President Museveni’s plan is to step down and hand over power to his son, Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Critics say the sudden rise of Muhoozi, the first son of the president, to the of the Special Forces commander in the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) forms part of the Museveni’s succession plan. The government denies the existence of such a plan.

It has also accused Sejusa of breaching army rules and that he would be questioned by police upon return from exile.

It remains unclear if Sejusa will return soon.


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