PHOTOS: Rwanda, Congo Teeter On Verge Of War

symptoms geneva; font-size: small;”>Rwanda today revealed photos of shells following bombings from Goma, advice an area controlled by MONUSCO and Congolese forces, FARDC, before warning the peacekeeping mission that its actions are fueling tensions in the region.

“The gratuitous denial by MONUSCO, without prior investigations constitutes a dangerous pattern. This is not the first time MONUSCO is denying verifiable attacks on Rwanda territory,” said Rwanda in a statement issued today evening.

“The Ministry of Defence issued a statement indicating that Rwanda was bombed from DRC territory controlled by FARDC and MONUSCO on 15 July 2013. This has been verified by Expanded Joint Verification Mechanism (EJVM). It is a fact that MONUSCO deploys in Goma areas where the bombs came from. MONUSCO is collocated with FARDC,” said the government.

It further said “The encouragement to Government of Rwanda to work with EJVM is uncalled for as Government knows the mechanism and the procedures. EJVM is an International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) which Rwanda is an active member.”

Rwanda said as a matter of fact, EJVM was invited immediately when the provocation occurred, and has been on the ground. “Their preliminary findings prove what Government declared in the 15 July 2013 Press release.”

Rwanda also noted that further facts prove that the two bombs were shelled on Rwanda territory from BM 21 located at Carriere, in Mugunga 12 kms from Goma.

“The BM 21 is manned by gunners of 41 Commando Bn of Col Didier, Commando Bde commanded by Col Mamadou Ndala. The Commando Bde is collocated with MONUSCO,” the government said.

EJVM personnel inspecting the shells of the bombs that rocked Rwanda on Tuesday

Rwanda also quoted Col Olivier Hamuri, the FARDC spokesman as stating how MONUSCO is supporting them: “The MONUSCO supports us in logistics. It assists us with combat rations, fuel … It supports us with its aviation when we need to fight the enemy. It also acts to evacuate our wounded at the front, even for moving the military.”

Kigali said “MONUSCO to engage in such denial and misinformation campaign akin to DRC Propaganda machine without verification constitutes an obvious incentive to authors to repeat such acts, and a recipe for destabilizing the region.”

Government emphasized that “it should be recalled that in November 2012, FARDC fired on Rwanda territory 15 bombs killing innocent civilians and MONUSCO was silent and defending them even when DRC apologized for firing at Rubavu, saying it was undisciplined officers that fired without orders.”

The recent developments have ratcheted up tensions across the border as Rwanda continues to deploy heavily to secure a possible influx of FDLR rebels into its territory.


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