Fufa's Mulindwa: Why I Stepped Aside


buy more about geneva; font-size: small;”>“I thought it was time after serving for two terms to create room for other people, sickness ’’ stressed Mulindwa.

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He therefore noted that he didn’t come to FUFA for a job but to “address the things that were not moving on well. “

He further noted that he will continue to live life even after leaving FUFA.

“I am not looking for a job and I have no intentions of contesting for Member of Parliament. I have many assignments out there to accomplish after leaving FUFA,’’ noted the outgoing FUFA president.

He further said that he was happy that he had elevated the game of football to a position where eminent personalities are aspiring to stand for FUFA presidency which was not the case before.

He also noted that some people allege that the position of being FUFA president has some financial benefits which is not true.

“Some people think when you come here you are going to get money. No it’s completely zero,’’ stressed the Kitende Headmaster.

Mulindwa therefore warned “all those who want to use force to ascend FUFA presidency because that will not be possible.”

“I can assure you I am ready to protect football because it is a project that I have worked for,’’ warned Mulindwa.

He therefore defended the decisions made by FUFA noting that all of them are taken in the interest of players, fans and the football administrators.

If you think you are aggravated by my decisions don’t waste your time but just go to court,’’ advised Mulindwa.


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