Cops Receive Food Rations As Salaries Delay


doctor geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>The law enforcement unit said in a statement on Wednesday evening that “in the mean time, ampoule Police Management has put in place measures to meet the basic needs of all its personnel by providing food ration to every family until the salaries are paid by July 28, 2013.”

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According to Deputy Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, Police budgeted and requested for Shs 173.5bn as total wage bill for the Financial Year 2012/13 but only Shs 154.625bn was provided by Government leaving a shortfall of Shs 19.7bn.”

He elaborated that the shortfall was brought to the attention of Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development.

“We were assured that the shortfall would be addressed when they receive the Forensic Audit Report on payroll for Government ministries. During the month of April, May and June 2013, a supplementary wage request was made to the Ministry of Public Service and Finance, Planning and economic Development,” Onyango observed.

The Ministry of Finance compiled and submitted Police’s request together with the other Government Ministries, Public, /Departments to Parliament for approval of supplementary funding of the shortfall.

However, says Onyango, by the end of the Financial Year, Parliament had not approved the Supplementary funding which “consequently, led Uganda Police Force missing the June salary.”

Police officers have been struggling to cope with the tough times following delayed salaries.

Onyango said Police have made necessary attempts with the Ministry of Public Service and Ministry of Finance to have the June salary paid “and we have been promised that the salaries would be paid together with July salaries.”


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