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Rise Of Suicide Attempts At Mulago

search geneva; font-size: small;”>Police rescued a man identified as Innocent Muhangi, 22, a resident of Bulenga Wakiso district on Monday as he tried to fall down from the 4th floor of Mulago referral hospital.

According to Ashimu Kasinga, the DPC Mulago Hospital police station, Muhangi was rescued from the 4th floor of the building by the hospital’s patrolling police as he tried to land down.

“Muhangi who is a former student of Mulago Polytechnic claims he wanted to kill himself because he had been denied his results for the 2012 academic year and yet other students had obtained theirs,” said Kasinga.

Muhangi told police that he couldn’t face his parents back in Bushenyi who had sold almost everything for him to study and have a better future.

In June, Mulago hospital registered at least three patients who have committed suicide.

“Since this year begun, Mulago Hospital has registered five cases of people who have committed suicide at the hospital, two were patients at the hospital, and the other came from outside,” said Enock Kusasira, the Mulago hospital publicist.

Kusasira assured the press that Muhangi will be counseled and assisted in obtaining his results.

DPC Kasinga later warned all those who think that they can commit suicide at Mulago grounds to refrain from the habit.

There are warning signs of someone considering suicide which does not necessarily mean the person is suicidal, but several of these symptoms may signal a need for help.

These include verbal suicide threats such as, “You’d be better off without me,” or “Maybe I won’t be around,” expressions of hopelessness and helplessness, previous suicide attempts, daring or risk-taking behavior and personality changes.

Depression and lack of interest in future plans could be signs of someone considering committing suicide.


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