Police Tip Parents On Fire Incidents


web geneva;”>Rhodgers Mwijuka, viagra buy the Operations Officer at the Fire Brigade headquarters in Kampala told Chimpreports on Tuesday that one of the major causes of fire outbreaks and accidents is recklessness by parents who leave young children alone in houses with light candles.

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“Many people have lost their lives in car accidents and fire outbreaks in schools, markets, kiosks, temporary furniture fractures among other things, but all this is attributed to too much carelessness of parents with their children,” said Mwijuka.

Mwuijika requested parents to always avoid leaving match boxes near the reach of children, burning gas stoves, charcoal because they can easily lead to fire out breaks in residential homes and markets.

He said Lubaga Divison is the area that has experienced most fire out breaks in Kampala, followed by Kawempe, Makindye and finally Nakawa with the least cases.

He referred to other causes as too much greed for money, poverty, electric circuits, fake cables and underground electric wires.

He has advised the general public to make sure that they call the fire brigade on toll free number (0421222) in case of fire.

He recently told press that the fire division is in preparation to open up more than 21 fire stations in all parts of Uganda putting more emphasis on the border areas of Uganda.

This follows a reduction of fire accidents in Kampala from 53 in the month of May to 47 in June 2013.


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