M23 Blames UN For Escalating Tensions


advice geneva; font-size: small;”>The rebels’ publicist, mind Amani Kabasha, viagra 100mg on Tuesday accused MONUSCO of diverting from its main role of peacekeeping to providing a safe corridor for DRC troops and FDLR militants to attack the Movement’s territories.

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“The Observer Mission of UN in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has this morning facilitated the resumption of hostilities between the FARDC and FDLR coalition and our forces,” Amani said in a brief to Chimpreports on Tuesday.

“Indeed, the UN mission has allowed armored units and commandos of FARDC – FDLR to use its facilities to the level of Kanyarucinya to bring closer to the front line of the camp of displaced persons endangering the life of the latter,” added Kabasha.

He further noted that “this attitude of MONUSCO to encourage the conduct of hostilities around the camp of internally displaced persons is in contradiction with the mandate of the UN mission, which is to ensure the protection of the civilian population.”

“MONUSCO and FARDC-FDLR coalition will be held accountable for the harm that will be caused to our displaced countrymen of war living in this camp due to the absurd war on the initiative of the coalition,” warned Kabasha.

It remains unclear if M23 will open war on MONUSCO. But the latest developments underline the rebels’ loss of confidence in the neutrality of the UN peacekeeping mission.

Sources say MONUSCO wants FARDC and FDLR to take the lead in the offensive against the M23.

Regional countries have been accused of fuelling the DRC conflict by contributing troops and arms for M23.

But the rebel group says it has always recovered weapons from defeated and fleeing DRC troops during military encounters.

Addressing journalists in Tanzania a few weeks ago, US President Barack Obama said DRC President Joseph Kabila should “do more” considering that the conflict over mineral resources has cost hundreds of lives and pushed thousands of refugees into deplorable conditions in refugee camps in neighbouring countries of Rwanda and Uganda.

“President Kabila inside of Congo has to do more and better when it comes to dealing with the DRC’s capacity on security issues and delivery of services,” said Obama.

“And that’s very important, because if there’s a continuing vacuum there, then that vacuum sometimes gets filled by actors that don’t have the best interests of Congo at heart,” he added.


By 6:40pm on Tuesday, there was a lull in fighting between M23 and FARDC though the situation remained potentially explosive.

M23 said it was still committed to peace talks in Kampala but would not hesitate to defend itself when attacked.

On the other hand, MONUSCO said its troops were on high alert and “ready to use force to protect civilians in Goma from an advancing rebellion by the March 23 movement (M23).”

The UN Organization Stabilization Mission in Congo (MONUSCO) expressed “deep concern about the latest bout of fighting which broke out after a significant group of the M23 attacked the national forces (FARDC) on 14 July in Mutaho, eight kilometers northwest of Goma, in eastern DRC.”

According to the Mission, heavy artillery and a battle tank were used in the attack.

But M23 accused MONUSCO and DRC of peddling lies, saying they were attacked by FARDC and FDLR – a DRC-based militia that draws its fighters and leaders from perpetrators of the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

MONUSCO said “Any attempt by the M23 to advance toward Goma will be considered a direct threat to civilians.”

In Rwanda, security remained tight along the Congo frontier following cross-border bombings from DRC on Monday afternoon.


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