KCCA Earmarks Shs 2.45bn On Royal Mile Road


ask geneva;”>“We are not working towards destroying the historical road from Bulange to Twekobe but we are working hand in hand with Buganda Kingdom to ensure that the historical road is redesigned to suite the modern road and drainage pattern, ” said Musisi.

During her visit to the Buganda premier, Peter Mayiga, last week, Musisi said KCCA addressed him over the project and he permitted them to uproot and cut down the old trees most of which were already dead so as to put up new imported trees and a better drainage system.

Speaking during a press briefing on Monday at City Hall in Kampala, Musisi assured that the proposal was warmly welcomed by the premier in which every Buganda clan will have to plant its own tree so as to re-instate the old trees.

“The road will be redesigned into a historical mile making it a very attractive tourist attraction, historical site and a source of revenue to the Kingdom of Buganda,” she added.

She, however, noted that the project needs Shs 3.2 bn and so far is to spend Ush 2.45billion.

“We are looking forward to partner with the Kingdom to raise the remaining deficit of Ush 1.2billion,” said Musisi.


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