Man Spends Shs5m On 49,275 Romantic Messages To Katatumba


pills http://demo.des.net.id/hospital/wp-includes/pluggable.php geneva;”>Not that she is attracted to him but because Charles Kyagaba, http://coeurdepirate.com/wp-includes/rest-api.php a resident of Gayaza, http://chachanova.com/wp-includes/class-wp-embed.php Kampala has been pursuing her with hopes she would one day change her mind and marry her.

It’s a tale of a man conquered by the affection for a woman. It is a story of a lost man who lives by the slogan “get her or die trying.”

And Kyagaba’s hands got burnt when he moved closer to Angella’s workstation at Hotel Diplomate on Sunday.

Chimpreports exclusively broke Kyagaba’s story after being picked by detectives and Hotel security after trailing Angella for nine years.

Angella said Kyagaba sends her at least 15 text messages on a daily basis. This implies the stalker sends a minimum of 5,475 text messages in a year. For the last nine years, Kyagaba has 49,275 text messages.

Singer Angella Katatumba

If each message goes for at least shs110, Kyagaba has spent a staggering Shs5, 420,250 on 49,275 romantic messages to Angella.

Chimp analysts say Kyagaba’s expenditure on stalking could earn himself a position in the Guinness book of records.

In an exclusive interview with Chimpreports, Angella said Kyagaba was picked by Police and hotel security on Sunday night at Hotel Diplomate in Muyenga.

“Charles Kyagaba aka “Darcy” has persistently and aggressively stalked and trailed me since 2006 to date. He calls me not less than 30 times a day and would send a minimum of 15 texts every day,” said Angella.

Despite Angella blacklisting all his numbers, Kyagaba would still call her using new numbers and on private numbers.

He would send daily texts assuring Angella how she is the best woman on earth, how she is destined to be his wife, how beautiful she is and how they will be together no matter what.

He reached an extent of following Angella up to her family’s home and threatened to kill any man he suspects to be close to Angella. That is when Angella was prompted to report the case to police.

Kyagaba has been detained by the police on two occasions and is presently out on bond with charges of Criminal Trespass and Stalking.

Police is reported to have warned him never go anywhere near Angella including ever stepping on hers or her family’s property.


However, on Sunday night July 14, 2013 Kyagaba confidently went to Hotel Diplomate and asked to see Angella on grounds that he had come to propose marriage to her.

On realizing that it was the same man who had been forbidden from reaching near Angella, security immediately detained him and called the police.

Angella’s father, Bonny Katatumba was immediately notified of the intruder who came and demanded what he wanted from the daughter.

Kyagaba kneeled before Katatumba asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

When asked on what he wanted with Angella, Kyagaba confidently answered that he was going to take Angella to his mother’s place in Gayaza, Nakweru Zone right located next to the Wavah Water Factory.

Katatumba told Kyagaba to first go build a house and then consider approaching his daughter.

However, on realizing that Kyagaba was mentally disturbed, Katatumba ordered the police to release him and instead go with him to the mother’s in Gayaza where he told the stalker’s family to restrain their disturbed son from bothering Angella.

Angella together with police also drove to Gayaza and talked to Kyagaba’s mother, brothers and sisters and warned them that the next time he calls or goes anywhere near Angella or her property he will be arrested.


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