Museveni Defends Baruli

stuff geneva; font-size: small;”>Addressing a rally on Monday at Kasozi Primary School in Nakitoma Sub County, Nakasongola District, the President who is currently on a tour of the Greater Luweero region to promote household income projects among veterans in particular and wanainchi in general, noted that everyone who values African culture should appreciate the use of all dialects.

He noted that whoever was not happy with people speaking Ruruli dialect in Nakasongola district is bad.

Museveni paid glowing tribute to the people of Buruli for their contribution to the protracted armed people’s liberation struggle.

He disclosed that Buruli along with Ngoma and Bukomero were food bases for the then NRA freedom fighters during the struggle in the Luwero Region especially between July 1983 and December 1984.

He was pleased to note that all the people of Uganda united with one spirit during the struggle adding that “from this diversity we get unity and strength.”

The President said that he would not tolerate anybody who tries to divide wananchi on unprincipled issues. He reminded the gathering in particular and all people of Uganda that the strength of NRM came from unity.

The Buganda kingdom has in the past accused Baruli of trying to form a kingdom within Buganda Kingdom with the support of President Yoweri Museveni, a charge government denies.

Tensions between the two tribes hit peak levels in 2009, culminating into the infamous Kayunga riots after Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi was blocked from visiting the Baruli-dominated Kayunga District.

Government said it restrained Kabaka from attending a youth function in Kayunga for his own security as he was facing resistance from Baruli.

Meanwhile, President Museveni said Uganda was now peaceful and assured all the people of Uganda that no one will disturb us.

He said that the NRM Government had achieved a lot in the delivery of new projects in the Nakasongola District such as the Kampala- Kafu- Gulu road and the Amolatar- Nakasongola ferry.

“We must fight a war of homestead income similar to the liberation war,” he said.


He advised the people of Nakasongola District who live in areas that have capacity to grow coffee to plant one acre of that crop; one acre of fruits, one of bananas and one to grow elephant grass for Frisian cows which produce milk and manure.

He asked those who cannot cultivate coffee to plant 2 acres of fruits and one acre of cassava. He also advised them to diversify their income projects through rearing of poultry and pigs.

The President announced the appointment of Lt. Col. Christopher Ssekyanzi, Commander of Buruli Region, to monitor the wealth creation process in that area.

Museveni called on the residents to fully utilize Government-established infrastructure to create a firm foundation for wealth creation projects.

He pledged to the people of Nakasongola the Government’s commitment to promoting irrigation in the area because the region is blessed with many water bodies including Lake Kyoga and River Kafu.

Later, Mr. Museveni commissioned the electricity supply in Nakitoma Trading Center.

The Minister for Security, Mr. Muruli Mukasa affirmed that the people of Nakasongola are not prepared to tolerate characters that are attempting to create conflicts and insecurity.

Nakasongola Veterans’ Chairman, Patrick Lukwago saluted President Museveni for his good leadership and for Universal Primary and Secondary Education programmes.


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