KCCA Denies Using Kampala Land Board Funds


viagra approved geneva;”>“We as the Authority are concerned with the recent newspaper reports that court ordered KCCA to back off the Kampala District Land Board. We would like to clarify and inform the public that the Authority was not part of the said matter, what is ed ” said Musisi.

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She further clarified that the applicant in miscellaneous cause No. 18 of 2012: Mugabi Edward Vs Kampala District Land Board and Wilson Kashaya is not an employee of the Authority and not even known to them.

Musisi noted that Kampala is not a district under the constitution and so cannot have a District land board.

“KCCA only houses the Kampala Zonal Land Offices which is under the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development,” she said.

She emphasised that the operations of the Zonal land office are purely under the oversight of the Commissioner land registration.

In his remarks to the press on Monday, Musisi explained that the question of the constitutionality of a body known as a “Kampala District Land Board” existing in an area which is not a district under the constitution of Uganda is the subject of Constitutional Petition No. 34 of 2011- Nasser Kiingi and another versus Attorney General, KCCA & KDLB.

“This petition has not been heard and determined by the constitutional court as yet,” she added.

The Executive Director has also dismissed allegations that KCCA withdrew money from KDLB accounts the time it was transferred to an authority and later used the money.

She said KDLB owned funds worth Ushs1,107,667,453 billion holding two accounts in Orient bank and Stanbic bank which were all transferred to Bank of Uganda on April 2, 2012 and March 6 2012 on two different accounts up to date.

“We as the administration don’t steal public funds but we have secured a lot of public funds,” said Musisi, adding, “We also have a clear track record where all audit reports, parliamentary inquiry, court rulings and petitions have cleared us of any fraudulent and embezzlement cases.”


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