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Stampede At Workers’ House Over Fire Scare

approved geneva; font-size: small;”>The stampede erupted at about 9:20am when all workers in the city’s tallest building were ordered to vacate the building immediately.

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“I was walking in the hallway towards my office when the whole building went buzzing with deafening noise. I thought we had a Twin Tower situation here and in minutes everyone was rushing for the main exit, ” said one of the workers.

Police fire brigade rushed to the scene in about 10 minutes only to find no sign of fire.

Alarm and elevator technicians were also seen at the scene striving to arrest the situation.

A one Yahaya Mugumya, Saracen’s head of security services at the building, later told Chimpreports the stampede was caused by a false fire alarm.

“Cleaners were doing their work in the morning and they have access to the control room. We think that smoke detectors could have sensed the dust and switched on the alarms,” he said.

Yahaya later struggled to convince workers that the situation had been contained and everyone should get back to business but most of them were hesitant.

Cases of fire have been on a sharp increase in Uganda in recent weeks.


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