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PHOTOS: Kabila Deploys 2,000 Special Forces In Goma


healing http://creamiicandy.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-ms-themes-list-table.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Sources said Brig Sultani Makenga is chairing the meeting with his commanders in a bid to realign the Movement’s line of attack to successfully confront the Congolese Commando units and Republican Guards.

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cheapest geneva;”>Unlike in previous battles where M23 has encountered minimal resistance from the regular FARDC troops, see it appears commando units form the better part of the DRC force which is currently engaging M23.

A military source told Chimpreports that M23 must “refocus its strategies if they are to win the imminent battle for Goma.”

Some of the heavy artillery used by FARDC

“There are some factors that helped M23 capture Goma which are no longer existent. These include the element of surprise on the part of M23. It took DRC forces unawares but what we are now seeing is that both parties are ready for war,” a source who preferred anonymity as he is not authorized to speak to press, said today.

The source further noted that DRC underestimated the rebels’ potential which led to the capture of Goma.

At the time, the source noted, majority of DRC troops stationed in Goma were poorly fed and received low wages.

“But now the DRC government seems to have boosted the morale of their soldiers. The war could take a new twist.”

Asked whether the UN intervention Brigade (Tanzania, Malawi and South Africa) would defeat M23, the source said the mountainous terrain would work in favour of the rebels.

Some members of FARDC Commando units

“Even here in Goma, you can’t tell who belongs to M23 because some rebels are usually in civilian clothes. The rebels have already infiltrated Goma and would support combatants as time goes on,” the source added.

Pressed on the whether M23 had ample military logistics in their arsenal, the source who has been in Goma since April last year, said: “Those rebels are heavily-armed. But they must know the war dynamics are changing.”

With Goma looking like a warzone, M23 is said to be preparing to dislodge DRC and some South African troops under the UN mandate from the provincial town.

A FARDC Commando

On the other hand, DRC continues to station thousands of troops to guard the town from the rebel takeover.

M23 pulled out of Goma due to pressure from the international community and regional leaders who promised to broker a peace deal.

However, it appears the Kampala negotiations are set for a stalemate.

M23 publicist on Monday said it would be difficult to continue with negotiations in Kampala if FARDC “continues to attack our positions.”

DRC information Minister Lambert Mende was quoted by VOA as saying the rebels suffered heavy losses with more than 100 killed and 12 captured in an attack launched against FARDC by M23 near the towns of Mutaho and Rusayo in the east of the country.

But Abandi said Mende’s statement is “just DRC propaganda.”

FARDC Commandos heading to Goma on Sunday

“M23 resistance has produced the usual effect on FARDC and you will now hear that we are being supported by neighbours. They failed to dislodge us from our positions,” said Abandi.

Observers say unless a peace deal is reached soon, the eyebrow-raising developments in DRC point to a protracted conflict that could drag in neighbours.

Uganda and Rwanda continue to bear the brunt of the humanitarian crisis in DRC as refugees flee the fighting in the eastern part of the war-torn country.

A UN tank in Goma


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