Traffic Charges Spark Off Countrywide Protests


pilule buy geneva;”>Both private and public means of transport all are faced by similar problems ranging from fluctuating fuel prices and increased traffic rules and charges.

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page geneva;”>Early this week, several taxi drivers in the country including Mubende, Mityana and Natete in Kampala decided to hold a sit-down strike in protest of the new traffic guidelines, charged and penalties.

The drivers refused to take passengers to their destinations, saying the traffic charges were no longer affordable.

These drivers complain that beside the increased Shs 120,000 Kampala Capital City Authority charges, the traffic police has also gone on to increase traffic charges.

The new charges which were released last month indicate that any cyclists found without an helmet will be charged Shs 40,000 while driving without wearing a seatbelt attracts a fine of Shs 80,000 (drivers) and shs 20, 000 for passengers without the seatbelts.

The fines for over speeding were increased from Shs 100,000 to Shs 200,000 and driving without a driving permit from Shs 40,000 to Shs 100,000 and a charge for one caught driving while on a mobile cell phone is Shs 200,000.

In response to the demonstration and strike that was staged up by drivers, the Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Ibin Ssenkumbi said drivers should avoid blaming the police because all the charges were set up by the Ministry of Works and Transport not the traffic police.

Ssenkumbi also warned that if at all drivers continue demonstrating against the new charges, government will have no option but to enforce the 1998 traffic law that demands that whoever breaches the law is taken to courts of law.

“This will be more expensive than the charges that are causing commotion among the drivers because it will necessitate imprisoning the traffic law offender and meeting high court charges,” he said.

The demonstration led to increased transport charges where people from Mityana had to pay shs 40,000 for a boda boda to reach town.

This attracted many politicians who were forced to petition the speaker of parliament over the matter.


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