Are Women Attracted To Men In Cars?


ampoule geneva;”>this site "sans-serif"; color: #222222;”>The study, treat published in The Telegraph, UK, says psychologists proved that the car one drives is key when it comes to turning a woman’s head.

The researchers showed women pictures of the same man sitting in two cars—a £70,000 silver Bentley Continental and a battered Ford Fiesta, according to the article.

The Telegraph added that the women, who were aged between 21 and 40, picked the man sitting in the Bentley ahead of the same man in the Ford. Dr Michael Dunn, of the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, said it shows women rate a man higher if he is behind the wheels of a fancy motor rather than in an old banger. OMG!

These psychologists are obviously psychos. I want to believe that the women under study picked the cars, not the man inside the car. As psychologists, these guys should have known that what is attracting the women in the first place is the car.

These women probably did not see the man, even though they had eyes on the man. It is also probable that these women were the kind with self-esteem issues or the materialistic kind.

Now, my dears, look at the picture above closely. It looks like the works of a Photoshop genius; grafting the image of a woman so she appears to be looking into the car. If not that, it was some acting, like the annoying scenes we see in Nigerian movies.

However, the message is stark; why are women attracted to men in cars? If they must be attracted, can it just be any car—I mean, should something that is slower and weaker than an overused wheelbarrow still attract a woman? Wait, am I just being overzealous in defending the ‘weak sex’?

Yes, a porch ride is like a fluffy flower. It attracts bees, humans and many other things. The car will attract women, men, children and even accidents! For these psychologists to say that men are not attracted to good cars is like saying men look for bad things.

Then one would wonder why a man will bump into a signpost erected at a pavement just because he was staring in the wrong direction to catch a better glimpse of a woman’s luscious endowment. We don’t describe porch things as attractive out of the blue; they must really meet the adjective.

A Ford Fiesta

Suffice to say there is some salt in that sarcastic picture that I have picked from Facebook. Women are an enigmatic lot. It is easier to decipher a baby’s mutterings than to understand what is causing its mother to fret.

So seeing a woman like that one seemingly paying due attention to the smiling man in the junk car makes some sense for those who believe women are a ‘mystery’. It’s because of such enigma that stereotype about women abound.

Unfortunately, these things give men false perceptions. I have a friend who has twice taken loans to buy DMC cars. DMC is Dangerous Mechanical Condition. We would go on a date and push the car half the journey.

The only good thing is that it never broke down whenever the chicks were in the car.

Another mystery, this lad, after buying his second car, declared his one-year ‘desert tour’—period spent without sex—is all behind him as with another car replacing the earlier he sold, campus girls will be running after him.

I pity men who think like that. Some of us must be lucky enough to be betrothed to women who not only ask us to forget about cars until bank accounts demand so, but also that we never had one to begin with.

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