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Katatumba Murder Plot Exposed


viagra geneva; font-size: small;”>Tycoon Indian Mukesh Shukla also known as Shumuk and one Captain Hassan Wandera were exposed at Makindye Court for conspiring to kill the Pakistan Envoy in Uganda Dr. Boney Katatumba.

cost geneva; color: #222222;”>A conspirator turned witness Jacob Ogwang shocked Makindye Court before Grade 1 Magistrate Ms. Aanyu on Tuesday July 9, 2013.

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Jacob who said he lives in Juba arrived a few days ago to testify on his earlier written statement on 5th May 2013 at CPS.

The plan was made early January 2012 where by Mr. Mukesh Shukla condemned Dr. Katatumba to die by paying to Captain Hassan Wandera and Mr. Jacob Ogwang Shs10m, shs 7m deposit was paid and the balance of Shs3m after the mission was complete Jacob revealed in Court.

According to a press statement by the Katatumba family, Mr. Jacob Ogwang continued to shock a fully packed Court in Makindye that Captain Hassan Wandera took him to Shumuk House on Jinja Road and introduced him to Mr. Mukesh Shukla that he sanctioned Shs10m commitment job.

When they left the office of Mr. Mukesh, Capt. Wandera gave Mr. Jacob Uganda Shs 100,000 and told him he had banked the balance.

Capt. Wandera told him that the Indian whom they just met is a rich man. Hassan Wandera then drove him in his car to Muyenga Hotel Diplomate where His Excellency Dr. Katatumba’s Pakistan Consulate offices are located.

Capt. Wandera clandestinely showed him Katatumba who also owns the Hotel Diplomate. Wandera then dropped him in town and said they would meet later. The next day when Jacob called Wandera to meet him, Wandera said they would meet later another day.

The two business giants have been wrestling for a long time over vast properties which include the luxurious Muyenga-based Hotel Diplomate and Banda Island.

While Mukesh insists he is the rightful owner of the properties, Katatumba says Mukesh is a ‘desperate crook’ who wants to rob him in broad day light.

Wandera kept dodging Jacob’s telephones until Wandera told him that he will work with somebody else. Jacob decided to inform Dr. Katatumba of the conspiracy to kill him by Mukesh and Wandera.

Dr. Katatumba reported the information to the police at CPS. Capt. Wandera threatened to kill him and he escaped to Juba where he now lives in hiding.

He said his mother also relocated from Kisasi because of fear of what Wandera could do to her. He came to CPS on 5th May 2013 to make a statement and gave police his telephone in Juba. He said that he has never met Dr. Katatumba personally.

He was advised by his mother never to get somebody’s blood on himself. He was now a free person with clear mind because he has saved precious life.

Dr. Katatumba was not in Makindye Court to see his savior Jacob Ogwang.

“However with the coming in of a new Magistrate from the civil courts of Mengo trend of the proceedings shocked everyone as the questioning by the Mukesh lawyers, to state his where abouts in Juba,” the statement read in part.

When the Magistrate kept on insisting that he should reveal the names of his mother and of his neighbors from Southern Sudan, every one kept on wondering if the Magistrate cared about the safety of this witness considering the sharpness of Captain Wandera and Mukesh, who could plan to kill him too.


The source of the fracas between these two renowned city businessmen dates back in the year 2008.

Around June the same year, Katatumba entered into deal to lease his property; Black Lines House on Colville Street to Mukesh, a transaction that later went sour.

On 16th August 2008, Katatumba agreed to lease Katatumba suites located in the heart of the city for 99 years to Mukesh at cost of $5 million. He also gave Mukesh a list of creditors that he was supposed to pay with effect.

These included Crane Bank which was to receive $2,450,000, Virani company Us$750000, Harish Us$ 750000, Tecton$200,000, Lule and Co. $400,000, Centenary Bank $100000, Arvid Patel$500000, Ben Kavuya $200000 and lawyer Charles Odere $200000 all totaling to a sum of US $5 m.

“An agreement was signed on that date in the presence of Mukesh’s relative Patel Arvind, who had introduced him to me,” Katatumba said.

However, in October, Mukesh approached Katatumba asking to withdraw the deal due to the economic meltdown that had hit the world; so, he couldn’t manage to pay up as was expected.

“He later made an offer of $4 million which I accepted to effect the new agreement and accepted to continue paying all the debtors as the old agreement stated,” he added.

In the new agreement, Katatumba gave Mukesh the land title of his hotel Diplomate as the guarantor which he used to secure a bank loan of $4 million from an unnamed bank.

“Before handing over the land title, I first asked him about the interest that he would pay me and he promised to revamp the hotel and put it on an international standard but hotel Diplomate was out of the old agreement of the lease of black lines,” he clarified.

Katatumba added that on July 8, 2011, he wrote to the minister for Lands, by then Daudi Migereko, stating that according to the agreement he had signed with Mukesh, stated that I the debts exceeded $5million, he would take back land titles for hotel Diplomate to guarantee him the exceeding payments to the debtors.

“We then signed an agreement for the sale at $5 million but Mukesh

paid only US $3.3 million and totally failed to pay the balance upon which I dragged him to court,” Katatumba said.

On May 20, 2009, the High Court Judge Justice Lamech Mukasa ordered Mukesh to pay the remaining US $1.7 million which he has up to now failed to pay.

“This is a man I had introduced to my children as their other brother on my 60th birth day. It is such a shame that my ‘best partner’ turned out to be the most desperate man I have ever met in my entire life,” he said.


After receiving the land title for hotel Diplomate, Mukesh swiftly forged papers indicating that he had bought the hotel and demanded that Katatumba’s workers vacate.

“He tried to blackmail UMEME to cut off power, then NWSC to cut off water and then police to throw me out of my home in Muyenga but failed,” Katatumba narrated.

Mukesh went ahead and entered into a new contract with George Kamugisha to take over the management of hotel Diplomate without the knowledge of Katatumba.

“He then sent the property auctioneers accompanied by the police to evict my family from the hotel but still failed,” Katatumba said.

It was later discovered that Mukesh had connived with the then Commissioner of Lands Sarah Kulata to hinder the placing of caveats on the disputed property.

“He had also conspired with Joy Kabatsi, the Presidential Legal Affairs Secretary, who wrote a letter to police boss Gen Kale Kayihura ordering my eviction,” Katatumba pointed out.

The police handwriting experts later discovered that other documents allegedly signed by Katatumba and his wives, Gertrude and Anne Katatumba in consenting to the sale of hotel Diplomate were all forged.


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