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BUSHYENYI: Thug Killed In Gun Battle With Cops


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Police Deputy Police Spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, told Chimpreports that during the operation, one thug was shot dead, as he tried to shoot at the Police Officers.

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The arrested suspects have been identified as Mathias Bamwenzaki, Dennis Ampanyire and a one Patrick.

The deceased was identified as Amon Owakubiliho.

Police got concerned at around 8:00am when gunshots were heard about 3 km from Bushenyi town.

“There was a follow up on investigations on a wave of robberies in Bushenyi and Mbarara. Police received information about a suspected motor cycle that was robbed in Mbarara. Upon hearing gunshots, Police rushed to the scene. We found SPC Assimwe Alex who had lost a gun in a suspicious manner. We interrogated him and he revealed a group of people who robbed it from him,” said Onyango.

He named a one Patrick who was eventually arrested.

Patrick was then used to call fellow robbers so that they are also arrested.

“Patrick who was already in police’s hands called Mathius Bamwenzaki, Ampanyire Dennis who were also arrested. They also revealed that the main suspect who had the gun as Amon Owakubiliho. The same group robbed a Motor cycle registration number UDZ265Z,” added Onyango.

Police used the duo to call Amon Owakubiliho but in the process, one tried to escape and was shot in the leg but is still alive.

They were taken back to Bushenyi Ishaka were the robbery had taken place.

“When Owakubiliho came he was arrested and told to reveal the where about of the gun. He cooperated and led police to where he had hid the gun. The place was in a valley, in the middle of a forest and that the gun was in a fenced place which didn’t have an entrance,” he added.

“To get to the place, he had to climb over but on reaching inside, he immediately opened fire against the police. However, the officers who were five in number shot him dead and recovered the gun. The suspects are currently detained at Bushenyi Police Station, they will be charged with aggravated robbery.”


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