East Africa: MDG Education Goals “Within Sight”


viagra sale geneva;”>They were represented by Ministers of Education at the Second Eastern High Level Forum (HLF) on Education for all (EFA) at Lake Victoria Serena in Kampala that ended on July 10, visit 2013.

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Hon. Jessica Alupo Epelu, the Minister of Education and Sports, called upon all countries to rally support for the action points to achieve the EFA goals by 2015.

She noted that the policies, guidelines and frameworks to accelerate achievements of the goals were inadequate and needed more harmonization.

“We need harmonization and effective implementation to address critical issues that impact on education such as poverty and hunger, and conflict for refugees and internally displaced persons, climate change, HIV and AIDS, and people with disability among other things,” she said.

The Ministers deliberated on how to accelerate achievements of the EFA goal as they paid more attention on Early Child hood Care Education and improvement on the quality of Education in which member states were not moving as fast as agreed by the Mombasa call for action in 2011.

“Given that the teachers are central in the provision of quality education; their concerns should be adequately addressed,” said Alupo.

She further noted that it might not be feasible to pay teachers a salary commensurate to their efforts but the need to explore the non- monetary incentives to motivate them.

The Minister also called upon the delegates to mobilize resource s to enable all people in the region to access relevant education.

The Ministers concluded the meeting by signing the Kampala COMMITMENT on EFA which continues their strategy for achieving EFA goals and for Acton even beyond 2015.

At least ten ministers from Eastern countries all gathered at Lake Victoria Serena Resort for the Second Eastern Africa High-Level Forum on EFA. They were from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania (Mainland) and Zanzibarr.


Alupo also recognized the challenges being faced and which remain significant in relation to partnership, coordination and cooperation.

“We need to promote partnership, coordination and cooperation within and amongst countries and with development partners,” she said.

“We also need to ensure equity and equality in our educations sectors by providing education to all beyond the parity, paying attention to the marginalized and vulnerable groups,” she added.

Alupo also called for community participation saying, “Ownership and sustained participation of communities in mobilizing resources and creating conducive learning environments is encouraged.”

The minister noted that teacher development, management and professionalization is needed to achieve the EFA goals by 2015.

“We need good planning and management of the teaching profession holistically by addressing issues including teacher recruitment, deployment, remuneration, retention, support, performance monitoring, training and continuous professional development,” she said.

He assured the public that as Ministers of Education from Eastern Africa region, they will unanimously resolve to accelerate the achievement of EFA goals by conducting a comprehensive national assessment of progress towards achievement of EFA goals by June 2014.

“We will develop and implement national road maps for achieving EFA targets and review progress annually, share experiences and best practices amongst the Member States in the Eastern Africa region and support Somalia and South Sudan in their acceleration efforts,” she said.

She later called for development partners to continue working closely with the Member States in the EFA acceleration efforts.


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