Seanice Threatens To Quit Sanyu FM Over Fat Boy


clinic http://cinselistekartirici.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-bbpress-json-api-compat.php geneva;”>Drama started unfolding after Kacungira offered a prayer for the morning show listeners asking God to bless the work of their hand’s which Onen referred to as ‘Masturbation.’

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Apparently this did not go down well with Seanice as she immediately posted on her Facebook wall saying she is going to quit the show.

“I offered up a prayer for our Wonderful Sanyu listeners this morning and James Onen made a tasteless joke about me asking God to ‘bless the work of their hands’ in reference to masturbation,” she said.

The presenter added: “I am disgusted at his appalling insensitivity honestly it’s becoming too much. I will quite the show at this rate.”

She angrily noted that if people don’t believe in God they should at least some respect in what they say.

“You may not believe in God but have some respect; you are turning people off immensely. Know your limits,” She posted.

This post sparked off a hot debate on the social network with some of her followers branding Onen a ‘mad person.’


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