Katatumba: Divorce Did Not Shatter My Dreams


viagra dosage http://dcointl.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/plugins/searchengine.php geneva; font-size: small;”>Born in Nairobi Kenya, Katatumba is a daughter to H.E Bonny Katatumba, the Ugandan consul to Pakistan and Gertrude Katatumba, a proprietor of AFK beauty clinic.

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With seven brothers and one sister, Katatumba spent a lot of time with the boys during her childhood and this would later explain why she is very stubborn and a go-getter.

She is the Managing Director of Hotel Diplomat located at Tank hill Muyenga which is part of the Katatumba wealth.

Katatumba is down-to-earth. Unlike other musicians who spend time in nightclubs and bars, the singer has built charity organizations to address climate change and the plight of orphans.

Chimp Corp, Victoria Nazziwa, had a heart-to-heart with Katatumba at Hotel Diplomate on Thursday evening.


Chimp Corp.: Broadly tell me about yourself

Angella: In a nutshell, I am Angella Katatumba. I am from Mbarara but I was born in Nairobi, Kenya. I am a daughter of Dr Bonny Katatumba who is the only counsel of Pakistan and Gertrude Katatumba, a proprietor of AFK beauty clinic.

I have seven brothers and one older sister – who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. I grew up with boys but unfortunately one died and I am a twin to Rugira Katatumba.

I went to the Katatumba Academy in Mbarara for primary education before attending High School in Canada.

I later joined Oxford Brookes University in England where I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Law. I also have a diploma in Public relations from Vancouver, Canada and a Masters in International Management /Public Relations.

Angella has been singing since her schoool days

Chimp Corp: Who is your next of kin, briefly tell me about her/him.

Angella: Right now my next of kin is my mum and dad. Well it was my ex husband but now he’s an ex.

Chimp Corp.: When did you join music and how did your father respond to the decision?

Angella: I actually started singing in England professionally at a Club called Ponalaz in Con Market Street in Oxford. I used to sing live.

I used to win all these talent shows so they wanted a singer and the Dean referred me. They called me and loved me. I soon became the lead singer of the band so that’s when I started singing officially as I completed my Master’s Degree. Professionally, putting it to disc was when I came back to Uganda in 2005.

And how did my father respond? He is the one that actually suggested it when I came back to Uganda.

Chimp Corp: How was life when growing up and how did it affect you both as a career woman and a musician?

Angella: Ahhhmmm. Life when growing up has been everything that I am today because I literally grew up with seven boys. Number one – I am a tomboy, and I would really have to practice to be in a video wearing a dress or something. What is normal to me are trousers and jeans.

I am very aggressive, very assertive, a go getter, I get things done because of growing up with boys and that has helped me a lot in my career because in business you have to be assertive, confident, and bold. The boys made me feel super human and shaped my character, like I don’t believe in the word impossible – everything is possible.

Angella during a photo shoot in Kampala

Chimp Corp.: How do you cope with being a businesswoman and a musician?

Angella: It is interesting. When I am at work, I always put a different face so it’s serious business. It is all about making money, okay even making money through entertainment is good and fun but different from running a business. With singing, I diva up and sing which is my passion and at the end of the day, I get paid. But when running a business, it’s very different and tough but it’s interesting and I love the fact that they are very different from each other, but I definitely balance both.

Chimp Corp: Was there a time that you didn’t want to be involved in music because you came across a hurdle and opted to be just a career woman?

Angella: This is where the lord has held me down. There are so many challenges I have faced. First of all I started against the current music style. I started singing in English in 2005. I started singing messages, the trees, Gulu so people started thinking and asking if I was serious and real because if you really want to sell and make money in this industry you had to sing Luganda and about love that is commercial and that’s what sells.

But I wanted to lay a foundation first. I didn’t think of money first. I wanted to be a solid role model and doing charity for my music and they thought I was just playing. But honestly Jesus has really been good to me and now my Supernatural song on YouTube has over 80,000 hits.

Chimp Corp.: You recently said the local radio stations ignore RnB music, how is this true?

Angella: They don’t really ignore RnB music but they will play Rihanna’s songs and Michael Jackson’s but will not play our RnB. I don’t understand why they will not play our music on merit. If abroad they appreciate it, why not my people in Uganda? They need to broaden the menu.

Chimp Corp: What steps are you taking to keep your music selling in such a rigid and conservative society?

Angella: Like you see, I took a shortcut and went to YouTube because I can’t force change but guess what, change will force them. This YouTube thing has thrown everybody off. I am like water – calm and always at ease, where I see a passage is where I pass. There will always be an opening somewhere.

Angella wants local stations to broaden the menu for their music playlists to include RnB

Chimp Corp: Tell me about that something that was really successful or highpoint in your careers.

Angella: The highest point of my music life was when I was chosen as the only musician to perform at the swearing-in ceremony of President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in 2011. It was the highlight. Singing in front of thirteen heads of state was so amazing.

Chimp Corp: Where do you derive your inspiration?

Angella: From the Lord- honestly, the book of Job, when I was going through challenges like the time of my divorce. And secondly of all, it’s my parents, my dad especially.

Chimp Corp: How have you managed to breakthrough when other Musicians are struggling to catch the public eye?

Angella: It’s been a struggle although I don’t think I have a breakthrough as yet, my target is to be like the international musicians. Right now I am still depending on my father’s money.

And something else, I have not seen myself like a huge artiste. I am calm and relaxed. I am still in a begging corner waiting.

Chimp Corp: From what you are experiencing, would you advise young and talented singers to pursue RnB?

Angella: Yes, of course, I would advice everyone; my face book page is going crazy because I am focusing on global music. The majority is RnB that’s if we are focusing on the world at large, so I would definitely encourage people to do music that is global.

Chimp Corp.: You have been so close to rapper Keko of late. Do you have any plans of outing another hit.

Angella: I have been close friends with Keko, since forever. We have done hits together, hits like Lets Go Green, In The Air and we blend so well musically. She’s not just a friend but a close one at that. She is a great person and a great musician.

Chimp Corp.: Tell me about a time you had to overcome major obstacle.

Angella: The time of the relationship with my husband, I thought he was my alpha and omega but he left. I fed on only ice and I wanted to die, I used to ask God to kill me but after sometime, I got back on my feet with God’s help and my father. Getting through that heartbreak made me realize that I can go through anything and just like my new song, I am a Super Natural Girl.

Chimp Corp: Any future plans your fans should know about?

Angella: Just making music that they can relate on and of course charity work.


Chimp Corp: Any achievements so far?

Angella: Yeah, singing at President Museveni’s swearing-in, charity for the Ugulu Project that attracted CNN and Aljazeera to come and interview me. Voice of America twice interviewed me on the Ugulu Project. All these interviews are on YouTube. And now lately, I think Super Natural Girl is going to take the lead.

Chimp Corp.: Do you enjoy your celebrity star status?

Angella: I would be lying if I said I don’t enjoy it. I love being a celebrity or a known person, I love the special treatment I get when I go to places, and I love the fact that I am a role model to people. But then again, the insecurity I get is one of the negative results of having such a status.

Chimp Corp.: What male celebrity would you love to meet?

Angella: Jimmie Foxx, I think he is a triple A. He is funny, good at acting and good at singing. I would definitely love to meet him and have a one on one.

Chimp Corp: You are a perfect lady so definitely you must have a gentleman that always has your back, tell me about him.

Angella: As of now, I am single and only have my dad to lean on. I do date but of late, prefer being single. Although no one wants to believe my story.

Chimp Corp: If given a chance to do Hip Hop, would you accept?

Angella: Yes of course, with music you have to be versatile, I would definitely do it if I am challenged to do it.


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