ADF Infiltrating Busoga Schools


no rx geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>The legendary Busoga College Mwiri hasn’t been spared in this craze which has also swept Nkutu Memorial Secondary School, pharm M.M.Wairaka and Jinja College within a short space of time.

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visit web geneva;”>And Wakitaka SSS were due to stage their own showdowns, with a repeat by Mwiri. During the strike, Jinja College students ravaged school buildings and cars.

It’s not the first time that strikes have occurred in this country. Student bodies and other publics usually resort to open protest which is best practiced peacefully. However, the rapid occurrence of these strikes within a short period is what makes these cases rather odd.

On closer scrutiny, these strikes are basically premised on the same complaints by students. They say they want headmasters transferred, demand better feeding, internet and less academic things like freedom to socialize with girls. It’s like they adopted a slogan which shows that they were acting on orders from the same source.

Some of the parents I have spoken too said when their children were dismissed from school after the strikes, they lashed them with canes because they were raising “stupid demands and using animalistic methods”. Some had vowed not to pay fees again because their children had “become rogues”.

The truth of the matter is these strikes aren’t student politics at play. Schools have been infiltrated by external forces seeking to ruin the education and future of these children by engaging them in underhand battles against their parents and the sitting government.

These forces, allied with subversive elements, after failing to destabilize Kampala, have spread out to the countryside. Feeling defeated, they are mobilizing new ways to annoy the public against the sitting Government although many Ugandans know that human behaviour is not Government property.

ADF tried to recruit here in Busoga but the people didn’t co-operate. Now they are using a new approach. The reason Busoga is targeted is because it’s near Kampala and has been wrought with intrigue among politicians which made it impossible to build team work to police the place and do civic mobilization due to mutual mistrust.

Some time back I informed people in the system about these machinations but the pace of response was sluggish. Therefore, for some of us, it’s no surprise that these events are occurring. We have however managed to carry out fruitful investigations.

At St. John S.S, Wakitaka where area Member of Parliament and Lands Minister, Hon. Daudi Migereko was present and made an appeal to the students to pursue established and proven methods of raising their discontent, it was revealed that there was a cabal of people who have been mobilizing and facilitating students to destroy school installations.

It’s one of the strategies of the opposition. At Wakitaka, Also liters of petrol were recovered at M.M.Wairaka which were to be used to douse and burn the school. There is a time school fires had become daily occurrences in Kampala and neighbour. This was not a natural occurrence.

The recent strike by taxi operators is a link in this chain. The operators are being facilitated to move around raising havoc. The recent one Eastern in which one boy was killed at Naminya had all the characteristics of a (badly) staged insecurity move. The stone throwers had been transported from other places hiding behind a hike in taxes.

But the public refused to participate for three whole days. That’s why some of the leaders were heard vowing to increase taxi fares as a way of revenging. This is intended to cause anguish among the people.

They are now moving to Mityana, Fort Portal and other areas, targeting large numbers of people who may not read into the background of their mission.

But because they are driven by agenda for their own good, they will target higher institutions of learning, places of worship and so on. This is isn’t a simple matter. It’s academic but more of a security scares. They won’t stop till they are completely annihilated.

The Author is a presidential assistant


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