Kadaga: Fighting Corruption Should Be An Election Issue

generic sans-serif;”>Kadaga condemned the governments for failing to provide funds to these agencies amidst reports of sustained corruption especially embezzlement of public funds.

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case sans-serif;”>Speaking to delegates at the 4th EAC Annual Convention on Good Governance at De Mille Collins Hotel in Kigali on Monday, Kadaga urged the member states governments to make fighting corruption an election issue in East Africa.

“If we are committed to fighting corruption, where are we putting the money? Fighting corruption should become an election issue with the voters seeking the commitment of candidates,” she said.

Kadaga noted that the embezzled funds by different officials in the government if used accordingly could have developed and changed the current state of the East African region.

“The billions of dollars lost in corruption and bribery in the region every year would have contributed tremendously to the development of road infrastructure, health services and access to fresh water,” she said.

Kadaga also remarked on the need for new strategies to sensitize the public and make corruption a key matter that needs urgent redress.

African Union’s latest report on corruption indicates that more than US $148 billion is stolen from the continent by its leaders and civil servants yearly.

Hon. Beatrice Kiraso, a Principal Policy Advisor at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa warned EAC member states to lay new strategies to fight the vice of corruption.

Presenting a report on the impact of corruption compiled by Transparency International at the conference, Kiraso pointed at a worrying trend of corruption in East Africa with many of the states recording a rising trend.

“The Police, Judiciary, Political Parties and Parliament are still at the top of the list of most corrupt institutions in the region,” she told delegates.

Kiraso also noted that Parliament is labeled corrupt by the public when MPs are perceived not to play their mandated roles fully.

Several delegates re-echoed the negative impact of corruption on the East African Integration process, urging member states to embrace the fight against this vice.

Former Ethics Minister Hon. Miria Matembe blasted EAC governments for lacking the political will to end corruption.

“Excessive hunger and greed for power coupled with insatiable greed for wealth and materials have now become the main source of corruption today. If we don’t go back to the drawing board, our continent is gone,” she said.

She added that politicization of corruption has left many accused officials free of punishment.


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