Museveni Warns Teachers Against Strike

approved geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>“Teachers do not dare going on strike. There are many people searching for jobs; don’t divert us,” he warned.

The President who is currently in Luweero Triangle area to re-enforce government efforts in the fight against household poverty among veterans in the Triangle, was on Wednesday addressing a rally at Makulubita in Luwero District.

He stressed that the NRM Government would tackle the crucial issues first adding that matters like salaries would be addressed at the appropriate time.

Teachers last week threatened to go on a sit-down strike if government does not increase their salaries by 100 percent before the beginning of next term in September.

They claim the low salaries do not meet their basic needs and increased cost of living.

Presenting her budget last month, Finance Minister, Maria Kiwanuka said teachers, UPDF personnel and other lower cadre Civil Servants will not get a salary increment as they had demanded.

To meet the demands of the civil servants, Kiwanuka needed Shs365bn.

Kiwanuka said the “critical requirements have remained unfunded in the financial year due to lack of resources.”


Speaking to Makulubita residents, the President explained to the people that development falls under two categories, namely infrastructure for public good and wealth creation particularly at household level.

He noted that it was important to have good infrastructure such as roads, electricity, hospitals and schools.

He, however, added that infrastructure on its own would be useless without household income creation.

“You should not wait to have tarmac roads but embark on creating wealth in your homes”, he advised.

He assured wananchi that NRM Government is committed to ensuring good income for each of the 8 million homesteads in the country.

He informed the people that the Government had to first expand the tax base since the national economy had collapsed by the time NRM came to power in 1986.

Museveni said that there were neither industries nor services at that time; adding that without those basics, there cannot be sufficient revenue collection to render essential services to the community.

President Museveni told the rally that when the NRM came from the bush, it was faced with the daunting provision of relief and rehabilitation to the Luwero community.

He informed that the country was now at the development stage adding that the Government had now built several trunk roads in the Luwero area.

The President explained to the people of the area that because of the shortage of funds, the Government had to prioritize by starting with the promotion of education for all through the Universal Primary Education (UPE).

He expressed happiness that mass education had taken strong root. He assured the country that the Government was making every effort to solve the challenges in the educational programme.


Turning to other development programmes, Mr. Museveni noted that the Government had registered tremendous success in the immunization programme. He challenged the people to show him children born from 1986 when NRM came to power that were infected with polio.

He cautioned the people against the vice of sectarian tendencies based on tribal or regional lines. He urged them to value consumers who assure them of markets for their products.

The President strongly warned people that are attempting to disturb the peaceful environment that the NRM Government had ushered in.

He commended the people of the area for their support to the NRM liberation struggle and said he had rendered help to the Kalibbala and Bomboka families for sacrificing a lot during the struggle.

The President once again revealed that Luweero district is to be made a model zone for wealth creation.

He at this juncture directed the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development, Hon. Irene Muloni to install electricity transformers in Kalanda, Kagembe and Mawale Trading Centers to enable residents of the area access electricity. He also pledged a donation of 350 roofing iron sheets and cement towards the rehabilitation of Kalasa Church of Uganda while Kawumu Church of Uganda will get a donation of 200 iron sheets and cement.

State Minister for Luwero, Hon. Sarah Kataike, stressed that today and not tomorrow was the time to eradicate household poverty.

Makulubita Veterans’ Association Chairperson, Mr. Denis Ssebagala, requested the President for the upgrading of Kasana Health Center to a fully-fledged hospital.

Earlier, President Museveni visited the home of the late Zakayo Kalibbala of Kawumu village in Katikamu South, Luwero District. The late Kalibbala and wife Dorotia Kalibbala worked closely with the NRM during the war. He commended the late Kalibbala and his wife Dorotia for their outstanding contribution in the struggle.


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