Museveni Launching 2016 Campaign In Luweero?


ampoule geneva; font-size: small;”>Already, FDC President Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu is carrying out a clandestine campaign for the 2016 presidency as tours several parts of the country, starting from western Uganda.

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Former Vice President, Gilbert Bukenya early this week opened up an office in Washington to mobilise funds for his presidential campaign.

Museveni on Wednesday vowed to make Luweero Triangle, where thousands died during the NRA struggle, a model zone for the rest of wanainchi in the country to learn modern commercial agriculture.

“I want to make Luweero district a model zone in Uganda as far as creating wealth is concerned. I will establish a barracks in every Saza to ensure the implementation of the exercise,” the President said.

The President was addressing army veterans at Kalasa Primary School in Makulubita Sub-County in Luweero district.

Museveni reiterated his call to have systematic approach in implementing programs in agriculture, education, health and infrastructure.

He added that in wealth creation, a family that has land holding of 4 acres, must have an acre of coffee, another one of fruits and yet another acre of bananas for food security as well.

He said the 4th acre should be for elephant grass for dairy cattle dedicated to zero grazing farming activities.

President Museveni also advised that at the court yard, individual homes should rear chicken for eggs, improved live stock such as goats, apiary and those near swamps can open up fish ponds. He pledged to provide the people of Luweero with nursery beds for seedlings.

The Minister of Works and Transport, Mr. Abraham Byandala, that of Energy and Mineral Resources, Hon. Irene Muloni, of Information and National Guidance, Hon. Rose Mary Namayanja and the State Minister for Luweero Triangle, Hon. Sarah Kataike among others attended the meeting.


Museveni’s choice of Luweero Triangle, where sources say billions of shillings will be pumped into a massive poverty eradication project that will see farmers get tractors and technical assistance to boost their agricultural outputs, has raised concerns that the President intends to consolidate his support in Buganda region ahead of the 2016 elections.

The people of Luweero, despite contributing heavily in terms of lives and property to sustain the NRA guerilla war that saw Museveni seize power in 1986, have for decades been living in abject poverty.

Sources told Chimpreports on Thursday morning that the biting poverty in Luweero and Nakaseke shocked Museveni as fears hit boiling levels that the area could be a fertile ground for recruitment of rebels by renegade General David Sejusa alias Tinyefuza.

Museveni was further shocked to learn that despite initiating projects such as NAADS to help peasants and farmers in rural areas, their impact on the people of the Luweero Triangle was negligible.

With time, war veterans started lining up at State House, Entebbe asking Museveni to solve their personal economic challenges.

Majority of the veterans lacked funds to take their kids to schools and others needed money for medical reasons due to advanced age.

It was also feared that former Vice President Prof Gilbert Bukenya who is a 2016 Presidential hopeful would ride on the back of the ‘poverty ticket’ to win the hearts of Baganda, a move that could eatinto Museveni’s popularity in the region.

Bukenya’s upland rice scheme and other agricultural projects have managed to turn around the lives of many especially in the central rtegion and northern Uganda.

Observers say Bukenya’s upland rice scheme has been widely successful; far more successful than the government’s NAADS programme.

Just recently, Museveni tasked Gen Caleb Akandwanaho, popularly known as Salim Saleh has been to command “Operation Household Wealth” in the original war zones of Nakaseke District.

The areas are Ngoma Unit, Kabalega, Lutta Unit, Mondlane, Abdul Nasser, Mwanga, Kiwanguzi and Kyamusisi among others.

Saleh will be deputized by Brig Proscovia Nalweyiso, a Senior Presidential Advisor for Defence and Security and other army officers.

According to Presidential Special Communication Assistant, Sarah Kagingo, there were cheers and jubilations in Ngoma on Sunday afternoon (July 7) when President Museveni announced that Gen Saleh and Nalweyiso would command Operation Household Wealth.

“Both Commanders are familiar with the area of operation. Gen Saleh, in particular, is renowned for heroic battle victories at a tender age during the National Resistance Army Struggle for Freedom between 1980 and 1985 and earlier battles in the 70s to free the country of the late President Idi Amin Dada,” said Kagingo.

Saleh is one of the three surviving President Museveni’s trainees of Mozambique.

Kagingo elaborated that the operation’s intent is to work with all stakeholders in the pursuit of improving household incomes.

“The objective is an annual income of not less than Shs 20m.”

“Saleh spearheaded innovation of tools that contributed to Government’s adoption of Venture capital and rural financial services as a policy. In 2003 he advocated for value-addition arguing that processing food into finished products would increase its shelf-life and ensure food security for Ugandans and increase its value on the market,” she further noted.

Saleh recently led a maize revolution in Nakaseke by creating value chains between producers, nucleus farmers, processors, distributors and marketers. Today, Nakaseke boasts of its own brand of maize.

Asked by President Museveni to say a word to the people of Nakaseke, Gen Saleh said: “Afande, for us we are ready. We shall start as soon as you approve our operating procedure. If this acreage of land needs this amount of seeds for planting we shall ensure it is done immediately.”


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