Three Charged For Abduction

sale geneva;”>information pills sans-serif;”>It is alleged that Chaturvedi, Wangusi and Ogwang, an IT student at Makerere University, on March 12 abducted a person between Kampala and Entebbe with the intent of extracting his internal organs.

The Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate, Olive Kazaarwe Mukwaya read the charges before court which were denied by the accused people.

The suspects through their lawyer, Eric Kiingi applied for bail. “The accused are of substance to the community who need their presence, they have substantial sureties and their release will not interfere with investigations,” he said.

He later requested court to adjourn the case to Thursday so as to make necessary preparations for bail.

Magistrate Kazaarwe decided to adjourn the case to Thursday, July 11, 2013 at 2:00pm for bail application.

It should be noted that human body organs are highly demanded and people are ready to pay handsomely for these organs that include kidneys, lungs, hearts, liver, pancreases and many others.

Victims for purposes of organ removal are often recruited from people who are vulnerable especially those living in extreme poverty. Organs are removed from people who have been declared brain dead prematurely especially after a fatal accident. Sometimes a person’s death may be quickened in order to get the organs from the person.

In the US, the federal law makes it illegal to buy and sell human body parts but private companies are actively but silently involved in the business. In Los Angeles a man accused of buying and selling human parts confessed in court having made $ 1.5 million through trafficking human organs in 2009.

In 2009 Uganda passed a sweeping and enlightened law to combat human trafficking, the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons Act.

However, despite of this, even up to now there are still complaints of human trafficking in the country.


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