Muslims Urged To Behave In Ramadan Period

viagra sale geneva;”>Ramadan is referred to as the ninth month of the Muslim calendar lasting for 30 days, during which strict fasting is observed from sunrise to sun set.

Sheikh Amiir daula Sulaiman Kakeeto of Clock Tower mosque in Kampala has urged all the Muslims to avoid things that can tarnish their month of Ramadan.

These include eating prohibited foods, drinking water or any fluids, being impolite, fighting, saying obscene language, being rude, angry and indulging in sexual intercourse during day time.

“Ramadan is not a punishment as some of the Muslims take it to be but it is one of Allah’s commandments that every Muslim has to fulfill,” said Sheikh Kakeeto.

He has also requested the business community to avoid increasing prices for the commodities that Muslims eat or use in this season.

Hajjat Laula Birungi, a vendor in Nakasero market told our Chimp corp that she is excited about this fasting period. She called upon all Muslims to be committed in the fasting period because Allah rewards abundantly those who are obedient.

Ali Kalumba, a news paper vendor in Kampala city has also called upon all Muslims in the world to pay zakat, help the needy, disabled, elderly, those in prisons and hospitals during this period. He also urged them to pray five times a day as supposed.

“Fellow Muslims should fast and pray to Allah to help this country and stop the tear gas which is constantly disrupting the city almost every day,” said Nusura Namirimu, a trader in Nakasero market, Kampala city.


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