Museveni Tips S. Sudan's Kiir On Wars


medications geneva;”>While in Juba, recipe the President paid a courtesy call on his host, salve Gen. Salva Kiir, at State House, shortly after the independence celebrations.

Mr. Museveni and Gen. Kiir discussed matters of mutual interest between their two neighbouring countries.

President Museveni was seen off this morning at Juba International Airport by his host, Gen. Kiir and other senior South Sudan government officials.

In Juba, President Salva Kiir was in the company of children who handed over doves to President Museveni.

Doves are a symbol of peace and friendship in South Sudan and are normally used to welcome distinguished persons, the people of South Sudan regard highly.

South Sudan achieved independence on July 9, 2011 following a referendum to determine whether the country should declare independence from Khartoum.

98.83 percent of the total population of over 8 million voted overwhelmingly for independence.

According to the President’s Special Communications Assistant, Sarah Kagingo, “Museveni, a renowned Pan-Africanist, played a pivotal role in the struggle for freedom of the South Sudanese.”

She added: “The people were evidently ecstatic as he addressed them just before President Salva Kiir spoke.”

Speaking at the celebrations which were held at John Garang Memorial Gounds, President Museveni said:

“I don’t refer to Africans as friends. Friends are Europeans and Chinese. Africans are brothers and sisters. I congratulate the brotherly people of South Sudan on attaining independence.”

Museveni added: “You were engaged in an unnecessary war for a long time. I say unnecessary because the issues for which you were fighting were very clear. Your brothers in Uganda have a proverb in one of the languages, Runyankore: Owakukyiza amani akwaka nenkoni yawe aba niyo yakuteza. It means a person stronger than you can get hold of your own stick and use it to beat you. That’s what has been happening to Africans.”

The President also cited another proverb that translates thus: “Somebody can kill your father and inherit your mother” which he said had a significant reference to a biblical verse “Thou shall not lead us into temptation but deliver us from evil.”

Museveni elaborated that Africans are also to blame for the slow development and political instabilities.

“We lead outsiders into temptation by being weak. How do we weaken ourselves by religious conflicts, sectarianism and lack of organization? Those internal weaknesses lead outsiders into temptation,” said Museveni.

President Paul Kagame and other heads-of-state attended the function


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