INTERVIEW: Gareth On Working With Wife Nickita At Club Venom


cost this http://chemspec-api.com/wp-admin/includes/file.php geneva;”>Onyango opened up to Chimpreports in an exclusive interview with our Chimp corp, http://comeduraredipiu.com/wp-content/themes/genesis/lib/structure/sidebar.php Victoria Nazziwa about his career journey, love life and some of the challenges he has faced.

With his hard work effort which brought Club Rouge to high standards, Gareth is currently working with the Kabalagala based spontaneous club, Venom – doing his best to see to it reach the highest peak.

Onyango has a child with his fiancée, Nickita, the Marketing manager at the same Club Venom and it is amazing on how these two have been able to cope with each other for years and still work together in the same department.

He was able to tell a little about his life and his future ambitions as a marketing geek.

Chimp: Tell us about yourself and family background.

Gareth: I am Gareth Onyango Bernard, born on June 5 1986 in a family of five, two boys and three girls. I was raised by a single mother. I am currently in a relationship and a father of two beautiful girls.

Chimp: Tell us about your education background.

Gareth: I studied from Newfield Nursery School, Nakasero primary school and St Jude Primary School for the primary level. I went to Standard High School for both ‘O’ and ‘A’ level before joining Makerere University for a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.

Gareth and family, he is blessed with with a wonderful baby, kylie

Chimp: Why did you choose to be a dancer and not anything else?

Gareth: Hahahaaaaa… well, my passion as a teenager was dancing, I won a lot of dance competitions in high school and so when I joined campus I set up a dance studio and formed a dance group. I did it for a while until I recognized my calling which is marketing.

Chimp: What inspired you to be what you are today?

Gareth: Fear of failure and of course my mother. Raising five children single handedly is not easy. That’s why she is my number one inspiration.

Chimp: Why did you leave Club Rouge?

Gareth: I left Rouge because I needed a new challenge; I was at Rouge for a longtime and was the right time for me to move on. Plus I got a better job offer from Venom where I am working right now.

Chimp: How do you connect with the owner of Club Rouge now that you no longer work with them?

Gareth: Spear (Club Rouge boss) and I have not talked ever since I left Rouge, besides being my boss he was my personal friend. With time I believe things will get back to normal, I surely hope so.

Chimp: How do you cope up working with your girlfriend in the same place?

Gareth: Working with my girlfriend is normal. I don’t see why people find working with their spouses weird. To me it’s very normal, I am her boss and she has to meet my requirements. Our personal life doesn’t come into the picture when its work time.

Chimp: Do you face any challenges?

Gareth: I am a human being so yes I definitely face a lot of challenges, every day brings a new challenge to my life but at least I get to conquer many of them.

Chimp: Whenever you face challenges at home or problems, doesn’t it affect your relationship with your fiancée here at work?

Gareth: Like I said, we do not bring our personal issues to the job. Whatever happens at home stays home.

Gareth and Nickita has been together for years now

Chimp: How did you meet the mother of your child?

Gareth: We met four years ago. For me it was a case of love at first site, and then we kicked it off. We have been together ever since. We work together and spend time together; generally, we are always together and have a blessing in our family, our baby, Kylie.

Chimp: Do you think she is your soul mate?

Gareth: Yes I think so. The first time I sent my eyes on her I knew she was bound to be mine; we were made for each other.

Chimp: How does it feel like being a father? Any challenges? Has life changed?

Gareth: Being a father definitely comes with a lot of responsibilities but I love it and could never wish for anything better.

Chimp: When do you get time to be with your family since you work for long hours?

Gareth: I get to spend a lot of time with my family every single day, I never fail to get that free time for them. Any time away from work is family time.

He enjoys his celebrity status, he is always invited to parties and gets to meet alot of people.

Chimp: What are some of the benefits you’ve enjoyed because of being a socialite?

Gareth: Lots of laughter… Does being a socialite have any benefits??? Well I get invited to many parties and I get to meet a lot of people and also make a lot of friends. It’s such a blessing.

Chimp: Have you been able to achieve all the set targets on your checklist?

Gareth: My target is to have the biggest advertising and marketing bureau in East Africa and believe me; I will accomplish it very soon. But have not achieved anything on my checklist as of now, not even one.

He is now the manager of Venom, a bar located in Kabalagala

Chimp: You are a handsome guy definitely many girls/women like you. How do you cope with that?

Gareth: I am in a committed relationship and planning on a wedding very soon so I don’t have time for other women.

Chimp: How do you react when men hit on your girlfriend?

Gareth: Well trust is a strong part of a relationship; this is something you can avoid but trusting your partner and believing in her eases everything. Plus, I am not really the over protective or jealous type so that’s not an issue that bothers me.

Chimp: What are the challenges of working for a night club?

Gareth: Apart from working late hours, I miss spending time with my family or spending as much time with them.

Gareth and Nickita are happy together and planning on a wedding very soon

Chimp: Thank you for sharing with us about your life Onyango.

Gareth: My pleasure, any time.


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