EX NTV’s Nameere Saga Deepens


pills http://danielcalvo.com/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/nextgen_other_options/templates/thumbnail_options_tab.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 115%;”>Uganda has gotten another iron lady – and this is none other than Justine Nameere, the former NTV Presenter of the “Life Stories” show.

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Nameere left the city broadcaster acrimoniously a couple of weeks ago, saying her work was not being fully appreciated.

Her cutting-edge attacks on NTV have since touched off a storm on social platform Facebook.

The latest to fall victim to Nameere’s sword is a one Bishop Samuel who recently claimed to have originated the idea of the “Life Stories” show.

Samuel was quoted as saying he initiated the concept as early as 2008.

Angered by the Bishop’s remarks, Nameere on Wednesday took to Facebook where he blasted the former, accusing him of peddling lies.

Below are her posts.

A one bishop Samuel claims my show was his idea, interestingly he does not know its name because he refers to it as “Real life stories” yet the show was called “Life stories”. I hear his concept was called “The Wave” and it was about handicapped people and I took it away from him in 2008.

Well in 2008 I was a Senior 6 student at Kings College Budo, a boarding school: so I do not know where I found “bishop” to snatch his idea and what I used it for because my concept was neither about handicapped people nor called “The Wave”.

Bishop also claims I damaged “his” show because I lacked interviewing skills but then claims he is the unsung hero for the success of Life stories: so how can a damaged concept be successful?!

My July is full of amusing things… but this one is the winner, I guess all I cared about in 2008 was my cantab as in UACE and S.6 dinners or something… TV was not anywhere in my world… so this guy’s claims just killed me with laughter.

I have tried to get angry at him but I have failed… when we read the post from one of the online news platforms with my young brother, who was also in Budo with me in 2008, I think oba in his s.2 or 3, we could not stop laughing…hahaha… my baby bro vowed to look for this guy mbu he needs to see if he looks like his comedy…lolest


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