Opposition Warn Museveni On Protest Crackdown

healing price geneva;”>“We must remind ourselves that “power belongs to the people, viagra 60mg advice ” Mafabi told a charged Parliamentary session.

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“It is our responsibility, as Parliament, to ensure that this power remains with them. It is delegated to us by our electorate to be used for purposes that promote their good, not anybody’s good. We must use it to allocate resources without fear or favour,” he added.

“We must expose those who misuse these powers. We have to ensure that Government departments responsible for delivering services have resources and enabling legal and implementation frameworks. We can only do this when we refuse to be bullied into silence; when we refuse to act victims; and when we define ourselves; rather than allowing others to define our lives,” Mafabi added.

The statement comes against the backdrop of a heavy crackdown on opposition political activities especially protests in Kampala.

Police say political rallies disrupt business and traffic and sometimes lead to destruction of property.

The law enforcement body also wants political leaders to liaise with security agencies before holding demonstrations to allow peaceful activities.

But opposition leaders they are not legally required to seek permission from Police to hold public assemblies.

These disagreements have in recent weeks set the stage for a showdown between security forces and activists.


Mafabi, who spent the better part of his time punching holes in Museveni’s State of the Nation Address delivered in June, also said “there are things that are happening in the Appointments Committee which are causing concern to the public and on this side of the House.”

He said the frequent visits and meetings with the President are undermining the independence and credibility of the Appointments Committee and Parliament as a whole.

“The President should be advised to let Parliament perform its duties without influence and manipulation. Appointments Committee is a We Vetting Committee not rubber stamp for the President,” said Mafabi.

“We request the President to leave the Committee do its work following the laws of Uganda which we have all sworn to uphold. It would be wrong for us as Parliament to also bend laws for purposes of pleasing the President. The public will hold us accountable,” he added.

This follows President Museveni’s recent meeting with MPs at State House, Entebbe in which he urged members on the Committee to endorse Gen Aronda Nyakairima’s appointment as Minister of Internal Affairs.

The MPs insist the General must first present a discharge certificate or forfeit the public appointment.

But Museveni says Aronda will not resign, a position also held by Attorney General Peter Nyombi.

Mafabi also used the platform to attack government for the huge “staff on the list of State House and Office of the President who are not doing any work but just serving NRM party interests. “

“These are in the names of Presidential Advisors/Assistants; for example, Prof E. Mushemeza of the Electoral Commission of NRM, Councillor Santa Oketa what do they have to do with public service staffing? This is abuse of office and corruption. In due course we shall present the list of such people who are paid illegally from the tax payers’ money.”


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