Gen Kabarebe: Rwanda Recovering From Genocide Horror


buy geneva;”>The army officers, medications who form the Military Attaché Association (MAA), stomach arrived in the country on Tuesday for a four-day study tour.

Welcoming them to the country, Gen James Kabarebe told them that there is a good reason to choose to visit Rwanda because major progress has been made “since the genocide when the country was completely destroyed.”

On regional insecurity, Gen Kabarebe said that some of the root causes can be traced back to the genocide perpetrated against Tutsi in Rwanda.

“If you want to resolve the problem, you have to look at the main causes and resolve it from its root; if you don’t, this is what happens to the region,” he added

The Minister recently said Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) had managed to destroy over 90 percent of the rebel FDLR hiding in Congo.

The militia draws majority of its combatants from the Juvenal Habyarimana’s genocidal army that butchered over one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus in Rwanda in 1994.

Last year, the MAA initiated an annual program called the “African Tour Project” which is based on the concept of selecting a country in an African Regional Community for a field visit and hold discussions on security issues.

The role of MAA is to maintain peace, security on the continent.

The MAA meets monthly to discuss issues of peace and security situations on the continent, receives presentation from its members on current state of affairs, especially regarding peace missions.

On the Rwanda “African Tour”, the attaches will learn about the Great Lakes conflict situation, causes, players and the initiatives to resolve it, the contribution of Rwanda.

They will also study Rwanda’s contributions in peacekeeping as well as home grown approaches to resolving conflict.


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