Kanungu Residents Urged To Embrace Parental Responsibility


adiposity geneva;”>This was after a violent clash between the police and residents of Mutukula who attempted to remove weapons from the policemen.

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medicine geneva;”>Addressing residents of Mutukula village in Rushaka parish, Nyamirama sub county Kanungu district, the district Police Commander Edson Muhangi, said the police have registered high cases of alcoholism, child abuse and obstruction of the security while executing their duties.

Muhangi said: “Because many people have become adamant to the law, so many bad habits have come up in our communities.”

One of the chaos ringleaders being loaded on a police vehicle by policemen

This area is known for hostile people most especially those who live near Queen Elizabeth National Park and carry out poaching, are always equipped with guns, bows and spears.

“It is your role as parents to look after your children, stop child labor and engage in productive work to avoid idleness which has led to the rise of these crimes,” added Muhangi.

The DPC said this as he tried to settle the misunderstandings between one Christmas Alex, a businessman from Nyamirama town who was accusing Apollo Natukunda, a self proclaimed businessman operating in Masaka district that he defrauded him cash worth Shs 270,000.

Christmas claims he gave Natukunda Shs 270,000 to deposit it on the account of their Association in Masaka through mobile money using his phone but Natukunda never did it as agreed.

The car which led to the clashes between residents and the police

Drama started when Natukunda returned home with a new car claiming that he had won it from a certain company and when Christmas learnt of it he went to demand for his money thus becoming violent which attracted the police to intervene.

When police came to intervene, Natukunda and some of his friends at a local bar joint engaged the police in running battles trying to disarm them. This even prompted the police to fire live bullets in air to disperse the crowd which had gone rowdy.

Led by the DPC, police arrested three people who were ringleaders in attempting to disarm the police and are currently detained at the Kanungu district police headquarters.

Natukunda’s new car was also impounded because the police suspected it could have been stolen since cars won are always designed with company logos and other designs and his didn’t have any.

“We have impounded Natukunda’s car since there is no sign to show that he won it because it is not marked with any company logo,” said Muhangi.

He also noted that all the arrested people will be charged for obstructing the police and resisting police arrests.

Muhangi condemned the act saying that it was a grave disappointment since the police are present to protect people and their property but instead they turn against them.

“If you don’t take the law in your hands and police is in place to protect you and help you handle criminal cases,” Muhangi appealed to the residents.

As the residents responded to the DPC, they contributed the violent clashes with police to poor community police sensitization and noted that they are not aware of what to do with the police.


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